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Are you committed?

Are you committed?
That's the first thing I asked myself before I started this journey.  I must say there were many times I had thoughts about what I was and wasn't willing to do. Am I ready to give up the couch potato lifestyle (I would say to myself - as much as a mom could be a couch potato - Laughing Out Loud)?  Did I wake up one day and say I'm going to eat well, avoid fried foods, give up the DD drive through donut and workout religiously?  Heck No!  The thought of doing all of that at once was overwhelming at best.  I took small steps like: no fried foods, eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, start exercise slowly and enjoy what you are doing, try something new and repeat what works.

I decided in a moment that I was going to lose the weight and this time nothing was going to stand in my way.  I am committed.  I am going to do whatever it takes.  Why this time you ask in comparison to all the other times?  The stakes are higher for me now.  I am now in my late 30's and I'm not getting any younger.  I had a couple of readings of high blood pressure, at risk for diabetes, my knees ached, I had ZERO energy and would lose my breath just walking up a flight of stairs.  Oh and lets not forget the fun in tying shoes, fitting in a seat on an airplane or the theater, only being able to buy half way decent looking clothes at the plus size store (and lets face it when you are feeling fat and miserable nothing looks good - I know I felt that way -  I so hated shopping).  And the worst was not having energy for my kids or myself.  How could I spend time doing something enjoyable if I had no energy to do anything?

Now I have energy! - (not to say I don't enjoy putting my feet up at the end of the day - my boys keep me plenty busy :-)

Are You Committed?  What ever the answer is for you be honest with yourself.  If your answer to the question is no I encourage you to find out why.  Eating a cupcake isn't always the real problem for me it's about what's eating me that's the problem.  You are worth it. 


  1. Great post! I can totally relate. For a long time, I couldn't handle the thought of "depriving" myself of foods (junk) that I wanted / thought I needed. Now I realize it's not about deprivation - it's about GIVING myself what I deserve - health, happiness and fitness!! Life is too short to sacrifice those things for junk food...

    P.S. I hate airplane seats and shopping for clothes, too!

  2. Chantel Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It's so true that life is too short to sacrifice health for junk food. It's in my bad moments that I remind myself what this journey is really all about and that helps me get through the tough moments. Keep posting and sharing!


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