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Butts, Guts, Burgers and Ice Cream

Had a great workout this morning.  I ran 3.5miles in 37minutes and then immediately went to my Butts and Guts Class afterwords (an hour of torture on your legs, butt, arms and abs).  Quickly got home and then......

Went on a date with my little man today.  It was nice having some one on one time with him as it doesn't happen very often.  We spent the afternoon going out to lunch, seeing a play and getting some ice cream (in case you're wondering I used all of my 49 extra ww points at lunch - this was my splurge meal).  I was looking forward to lunch at the good burger place (the last time I had a burger there was August) but it wasn't open until 12pm and the play started at 1pm so that wasn't going to work.  We opted to go to another place that was a step above the golden arches when it comes to burgers but it wasn't 'THE' place to go for burgers.  On the good side it was a chain restaurant so when I got home I could look up the nutrition information online (my jaw dropped and my eyes popped when I read the nutrition info).

My son ate 1/2 a burger with some fries and a milk.  I ate a burger with a side of onion rings and a water (I also sampled some of my sons fries). 

My son requested that I take this picture.
After lunch we went to see the play If You Give A Cat A Cupcake.  It was a great play for the kids and my son loved it.  He asked me if we could go to a play again sometime (yay!).  After the play we went to the  the Dairy Bar for some ice cream.  I had some of my favorite Toasted Almond Amaretto with hot fudge and strawberries of course :-) and my son had a vanilla cone with blue and white sprinkles.

For dinner tonight I wasn't really hungry but felt the urge to have some vegetables and fruit so I ate some acorn squash and an apple with a glass of water (my detox meal).

Here is the nutrition info on the burger I ate - Yikes! - if you are eating something right now stop! - you may feel sick after reading this (I know I do).
Calories 1,190
Fat 68g
Saturated Fat 19g
Cholesterol 120mg
Sodium 1,170mg
Dietary Fiber 8g (a mute point)
Sugar 12g
Protein 43g

To steel a quote or two from Super Size Me, I was getting some "McSweats" and the feeling of some "McGrease" on my face a few hours after eating.  If you are interested in watching a movie about fast food and what it does to your body Super Size Me is a great movie to watch.  If you think drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is the only way to kill your liver - well guess again. 


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