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Weight Loss Hazard

I went to the grocery store before dinner to pick up a few items before the next snow storm hit.  It's funny I never know who I'm going to see at the local grocery store.  On this particular visit I happened to see my friend Anita and Sue in the store. 

After I loaded up the car I hurried home to get dinner on the table so I could get the kids to bed early.  On the way home I noticed my ring finger felt different and that's when I saw my rings were gone.  In my mind I was freaking out but was able to remain calm.  As soon as I got home I looked in the car where I was sitting and looked in the back of the car where the groceries were.  No rings.  I brought in the groceries and searched all the bags.  No rings!  I called my friend Anita on her cell phone to ask that she keep a look out for them in the store.  I then calmly told Chris what had happened and we packed up the boys and headed to the store for our treasure hunt. 

When we arrived at store I went inside while Chris searched the parking lot with a flashlight. Outside - No rings!

I quickly headed inside the store while scanning the floor/ground.  I went up to the cashier who checked me out earlier and I asked her if anyone turned in any rings.  She of course said no and looked on the floor around her register.  No rings!

At this point panic was starting to set in.  In my head I'm saying to myself: "The engagement ring is insured so it's not a total loss. - right?".  On the other side of that coin is the sentimental part of owning/wearing those rings that could never be replaced.  I then went to the customer service desk and asked if anyone turned in rings and the answer of course: No rings!  I stopped the employee with a bucket and a mop and asked if he found any rings.  No rings! 

I then did the only thing I could do besides panic and that was to look on my own and proceeded to go up and down the isles.  Found the rings!
The rings were in the middle of the isle by the dried peas.  Both of the rings were in decent shape except for the engagement ring that had a bent prong - probably from a shopping cart (I'm singing praises to the jeweler who recommended a 6 prong and not a 4 prong setting - if one prong is bent on a four prong setting the stone will most likely be lost).  Oddly enough the day before I was having a conversation with my cousin about how my rings were loose and I was going to need them resized.

Two days ago I got my rings back from the jeweler and they fit me well.  I went from a ring size of a 7 down to a 5 1/2.  Does it feel great to have things fit loose after losing weight?  Heck yah! - but I will be more careful with certain things especially jewelry :-). 
One bent prong with
the stone still intact.


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