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First 5k Finish!

My metallic green stripes for the
Saint Patrick's Day Race. (Kind of felt like
a geek when I asked someone to take
a picture of my stripes.)

  The race was my first ever participating in and it was a 5k (with mostly hills).
I recently read an article about burning out at the end of a race and that was something I didn't want to do.  I knew I could do the 3.2 miles as that's something I do on my training runs (sometimes more) however I wanted to sprint across the finish line not barely finish the race with exhaustion

I stood behind the pack of the majority of runners.  I didn't want to feel the pressure to keep up the pace with the faster runners that were there. 

My Goals:
  • Run the race with a burst of energy through the finish line.
  • Feel great after the run not just because of the accomplishment of finishing the race but feel great physically (no injuries).
  • Run an 11 minute mile (as there was going to be lots of hills).
  • Run a steady pace by starting out slow in the beginning and picking up the pace a little bit at the end.
  • Sticking to and being consistent in running 5 minutes, walking 1 minute.
Before The Race
A great group of ladies: Anita, Chrissy, April, Erin B,
Gwen, Kristine, Me, Jana, Sue and Erin

 I accomplished all my goals and shattered my 11 minute mile :-) at a pace of 9 minutes 52 seconds.
I finished the 5k in 30 minutes 38 seconds and I sprinted across the finish line.  What an awesome feeling!!! 

A big thank you to all the ladies who ran with me and according to one of my running compadres there is another 5k Easter Saturday :-)

PS - Thank you Chris for taking the running shots! xxoo
It was a small crowd of runners.  There were 13?  registered runners.
April and I at the beginning of the course.
Slow and steady was my game plan.
Even though she could have left me in the
dust she vowed to run this with me.
Thank You!

A sprint to the finish line!
(The last 12lbs I need to lose can be found
in this picture.  Spandex and Lycra hides

Post race photo of Erin, Kristine and myself.
We were the first time racers in the group.
The Hills



  1. congrats! you look terrific.. what an accomplishment!

  2. Thank you flyingyogini :-)!

  3. Congratulations. What an awesome goal to achieve.

  4. Yes indeed! - Thank you Beth for posting!

  5. congratulations sonya! that's a great time! you look fit and healthy in all the photos! and happy, i might add. what an accomplishment!

    you mentioned you use a watch for your run/walk intervals. which do you use? i was looking at a timex ironman but haven't bought one yet. i need it when running outside without the treadmill readout in front of me!!

  6. Hi Linda!

    I use the Timex Ironman Triatholon

    A picture of it can also be found in this post:

    I even use this watch on the treadmill now instead of constantly watching the counter on the treadmill. What I love about this watch is it beeps at the end of the interval! There are many other watches out there some that monitor your heart rate, speed, distance etc....
    If you think you are going to be into running for the long run I recommend buying the most for your money. I like to know everything about my workouts and efforts and the only thing extra I wish this watch would do is tell me my heart rate (there are watches that do that).

    Perhaps I will treat myself to one of those fancier watches as a reward after losing my final 12lbs.

    Happy running! and keep it up!


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