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Coming into the clear.....

Today I feel like I'm getting my energy back.  My throat is feeling a bit better and I'm getting my voice back.  My coughing has lessend quite a bit.  I desperatly want to go to the gym today but I'm thinking another day of rest?  I'm scheduled to run 4 miles today.  Something I know I can do but not sure if my body is ready yet or if I would just end up setting myself back?

On Facebook I posted my weigh in at a -.8lbs  - since I've missed a few workouts I'll take it! 
I must say one of the hardest things when it comes to weight loss is motivation.  I've struggled with this for years.  For me diet and exercise are not exclusive to one another but it's hard to tackle them at the same time when just starting out. 

For those who are looking to make a change in your life:
1. Set a specific goal (lose 5lbs for example)
2. Make a plan to achieve that goal (diet and or exercise to begin with - small changes - see your Dr. first).  Think long term and be honest with yourself if you think you could sustain this for a lifetime.  Anything too radical won't last (IMO).
3. Stick to the plan No Matter What! If you find the plan isn't 100% working for you then make changes as necessary (and no that doesn't mean going back to old habbits that got you where you are to begin with).  Sometimes those changes may include challenging your thought process and why you really eat.  My extra 75+ lbs weren't as a result from eating an occasional sundae (for me it was all about over eating - or eating when not hungry).
4. Repeat.  Before you know it the 5lb goal you had will multiply many times over.  That's how I've gotten to lose 75lbs.  Thinking about the total amount of weight I had to lose only intimidated me.  I made myself focus on losing the first 5lbs, then the next 5lbs.  After that became "easy" I then focused on losing 10lbs and now I'm back to focusing on 5lbs at a time (it gets harder at the end to lose the last few lbs).
5. Seek support from other people in your life and tell them exactly what you need from them (something I've had a hard time doing).  If you have a busy family ask freinds or create a diet buddy group in your church or neighborhood.  My husband helps by watching the kids on Saturday mornings so I can go for a run.  That happens every week no matter what! (in exchange for that he gets a slender more fit looking wife :-)  In addition my family is supportive in trying new foods and I've been teaching my boys about food and what is good for our bodies.  This DVD I plan on ordering from Dr. David Katz: .  The video can be viewed online for free as well.

In closing I will leave you a quote from the Dali Lama:
"In training the mind, perspective is of crucial importance. We cannot expect to transform our minds in a few minutes or even a few weeks, thinking, perhaps, that the blessings of an enlightened individual will enable us to obtain immediate results. Such an attitude is not realistic. It takes a long time, sometimes years or even decades; but if we persevere, there is no doubt we will make progress."

My montra: "I will lose this weight and keep it off no matter what!" (with a little - no wait with allot of fear behind those words) - Gulp!


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5.27 miles outside!

This morning was 35 degrees, rainy, hilly, and I couldn't have done it without the great group of women I ran with today. 
As I was running I received a few comments on how cut my calves looked.  The first thing that came to mind and I said out loud was: "yes I have big calves".  The response I received was: "I wish I had your cut calves".  It's funny how what we have others want and vice verse (I would prefer smaller less cut calves however they do come in handy on the hills).  It's funny how perceptions can very greatly from one person to the next.
The picture in this post was taken after the run.  I tried to flex for the camera to see what my running partners were talking about.  If I can get a better picture I'll post one later.
Today I am wearing running tights for the first time btw - and I love them!  I don't look as bad as I thought and they feel great on.
Ladies you keep me going.

Keep moving no matter what!