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Post My 2nd 5k

As I type this I've had a big lunch, hot cup of coffee and a super hot shower.  It was cold and wet to say the least while running this morning.  I didn't go into my run feeling overly confident for some reason.  Not sure what it was about?  For food this morning I ate a banana and had a cup of coffee. I think a big part of me just didn't want to run in the cold rain :-)  My lack of enthusiasm apparently didn't hurt me too much because I beat my previous 5k time.  I ran today's race in 29mins and 29seconds; 9:29 second mile. With run 5min, walk 1min intervals.  My goal was to run at least a 10minute mile and to finish strong and I accomplished both!

Pre race feeling warm and dry :-)

Post race photo. A great group of ladies to run with! - I'm feeling like a
drowned rat in this photo.
Wet AND Cold!
Today on my 12k training schedule I'm supposed to run 5 - 6 miles today.  My original plan was to run two miles before the 5k this morning but things got a little crazy in my house.  The battery in one of the cars was dead (my son played with the dome light switch in the car and drained the battery by leaving it on) so the extra time went to figuring out exactly what needed to be done for the car (all is well with the car now btw).    

My plan is to run a couple miles this afternoon on the treadmill.  Not sure if that has the same effect as running 5 - 6 miles straight but I'm going to get it in.  My clothes are now drying by the wood stove and I'm about to start making some truffles, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad and pumpkin pudding for tomorrow's Easter feast. 

My next race is a 5.5 mile run the day before Mother's Day.  Wish me luck!

Got to run now, time for me to get cooking - cheers!


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome!

  2. awesome job - are you running the Chaplin PTO 5k in June?

  3. JR the next race after the 5.5mile is San Francisco and then the warrior dash. I may be taking a break for a little while. I'll have to see how I feel after I finish what I've already signed up for. Thanks for the heads up if I'm looking for a race in June.

    Thanks for posting and reading!

  4. CONGRATS on your 5k and your time!!! That's really amazing and impressive and I can't believe how cold it was there...and here I've been complaining that it's only in the mid-50's the last few weeks here!!! Thanks for keeping us updated and I'm really glad to hear you waited to run until afterwards...or did you? Either way, I think it was divine intervention for you to wait and run until your race! Your Easter feast sounds very yummy! Enjoy and Happy Easter! -Mid

  5. Mid I did get a run in on my treadmill in the afternoon. I ran 2 miles non stop and I felt great!

  6. Sonya you are so inspirational, keep up the great work!


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