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San Francisco Bay To Breakers - Part II

The days leading up to the race where fun and relaxing.  We flew into San Francisco on a Wednesday and the race was on Sunday so we had a little bit of training to do and had some fun mixed in.  The Thursday before the race was the last day of training. My running partner and I ran 4 miles in the Pan Handle.  After our training run it was fun and relaxing to say the least.  We had the privilege of staying at my friends sisters in the city and we were able to get a car rental for $14 a day.  My favorite part of San Francisco?  - the food, coffee and wine of course :-)

Every morning was heaven.  No screaming/whining kids to wake up to and no one to worry about other than myself (don't misunderstand me I did miss the hugs and kisses and the 'good moments' from my boys).  I could put something down and know it would be there when I needed it (little hands weren't around to pick it up and move it to no-mans land).  Every morning accompanied by quiet we would start the day with a great cup of coffee.  In San Francisco there are a million great coffee shops.  In every neighborhood there seems to be a coffee shop, bar, restaurant and small market.  Two doors down from where we were staying was the coffe shop and I made myself comfortable by showing up with my pj's on.

This was my healthy breakfast of 3 egg whites, fresh fruit
and wheat toast in my friends old neighborhood.
  For our meals we ate out for lunch and dinner.  For breakfast one morning we did eat out and then had cereal and fruit the other mornings.

Post race enjoying a great cup of Pete's
Coffee.  The box of stuff was freebies
from the Footstock after the race.
We gave away a bunch of the free samples
to some people on the street.

Thankfully I managed to not gain more than a couple pounds.  I was diligent in the beginning with keeping track of my ww points but then I decided to let it go and just be very mindful of my portions and what I was eating for meals.  In between meals I ate lots of fruit and I splurged a little bit on some very good chocolate, champagne.... well you get the idea :-)

Here are a few pics of some meals I had......

My first time eating Ethiopian Food.  It was good but not my
favorite meal of the trip.

Really awesome trout!  This meal was at a German restaurant.
I asked them to hold the potatoes that came with this dish.  They served it
with extra spinach.  The spinach tasted like sauerkraut and was very good!

This was not my drink but it belonged to some fellows that we
were sharing a table with. I asked to borrow one of their mugs
 to pose for this photo. The mug was about the size of my head.

The potato Pancakes I had two sample bites of 
and were the best I've ever had.

The best veggie burrito or any burrito can be found at Papalote!

Some really good Mediterranean food!

This was a meal I made at home that mimicked what I
ate at an Indonesian Restaurant.  Very healthy and yummy!
(trout spiced with Jalapenos with a mango salad and rice - I used tilapia)

And then there were some very yummy splurges :-).....................

We had one very rich meal at a steak house (we ordered from the pre fix
menu - great food at a great price!).  This is a picture
of the fries brought to our table.  Each cup of fries had it's
own special flavoring.  The fries were fried in duck fat.  The
red sauce wasn't ketchup it was a blend of cherries and beets if
my memory serves me correct.  I only ate a few of these.  Very
good but very rich.

One word: Heaven
This was the dessert I ordered.  Beignets still warm with a
sugar coating.  The dish had a layer of salted caramel on top and
a thick butter scotch cream underneath for dipping the beignets.
I originally stopped after eating just half of one.  Then I said to myself:
"When do you get to eat hot beignets?"  And then had 1 1/2 more :-)
For an entree I ordered a steak and maybe ate 1/3 of it. Very good but
very rich food.  I felt full at the end of the meal but not overly full so it
was a good eating experience even thought it was full of calories and fat.

And then there was chocolate :-) 

This is a picture of just one of the chocolate delicacies I consumed on the trip.
This PB cup was hands down the best I've ever had.  We went to the Bouchon Bakery and the
macaroons, chocolate croissants, and rice crispy treats covered in salted caramel 
and chocolate are amazing! 

Another chocolate place that has amazing truffles and smores can be found in the Ferry Building
( I failed to get a pic of the truffles and smores :-).

PB cup

PB cup with chocolate infused PB that was very smooth.

There I am joking about stuffing my face :-)

Recap of food in San Francisco:  I seriously doubt you could have a bad meal in this city.  You can find healthy yummy food anywhere.  Everything is fresh and organic.  The local mall in San Francisco for example doesn't have one chain restaurant in the food court.  It's all local mom and pop establishments that sell salads, seafood, soups etc.... There is a burger place there but it's an independent business that makes burgers of all types.  If you ever make it to San Francisco for a visit enjoy some really good food!

 Hope you enjoyed watching me feed my face :-)


  1. Love reading your recap part2!! You also reminded all of us that we CAN eat healthy when we travel and vacation; but not to obsess and to enjoy the time with friends and family. Congrats again on your race ; ) -Mid

  2. Update: I have since lost the 2lbs I gained on my trip :-) Now if I can just keep the momentum going to take off those last few lbs to reach my goal :-)

    Thankk you for reading and posting Mid!


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