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Koman Race For the Cure

It's Sunday evening as I write this and I feel like time is just flying by (my blog posts have been very infrequent lately).   I'm hoping that this summer things actually slow down a little bit.  It seems like every weekend this month is booked with birthday parties (I will be 39 this year) in addition to a short trip with my five year old and his cousins.  I'm in a weird state of flux where I'm not 100% sure where I'm going and I'm not 100% sure where I want to go.  The part that I do know is I want to continue on my journey to reach my goal weight (not far away but takes forever!) and enjoy my summer with the kids hopefully with my sanity intact.

Yesterday was The Koman Race For The Cure to fund raise breast cancer research.  A friend of mine organized a group in honor of her friend who died of cancer.  I have a friend who is battling breast cancer and she was one of the people I thought of while I was running in addition to my grandmother (my grandmother passed many years ago from lung cancer).  I hope to see in my lifetime a cure for this awful disease. 

As for the event itself it was set up nicely and there were plenty of volunteers available to answer questions.   There was a large crowd ( I think 8,000 runners)  It was very crowded but it was a lot of fun and a moving experience at the same time (In addition to all the survivors who were there I got a little choked up at the singing of the national anthem). 

Sue, Sarah, Kristine (the group organizer), Diane,
Chrissy and I (I forgot to take of my
sunglasses for the picture.)

I brought my family along and ran the Kids K (.7mile race after the 5k) with my 5yr old son.  He has never run a race before and I'm not sure who was more excited - me or him.  He did really well and I'm so proud of him and was so happy to share in the experience of his first race.  He hasn't figured out how to keep a pace yet but he did really well.  He ran really fast then walked and repeated the cycle.  After a while he got a little tired and the crowd was great and kept him going.  People were sticking there hands out for high fives and after each high five he would run really fast for a short distance and then walk until he got to the next high five.

Sitting in some shade while we wait to go to the starting line.

After we reached the finish line he got a congratulations and a ribbon.  He was beaming that he ran his first 'real race'.  I asked him if he liked the race and he did.  I also asked him if he enjoyed watching mommy run and to which he said yes.  He also said that he saw women who were running that had a really big belly, legs and butt (that right there is a description of exactly how I used to look).  He then asked how come they looked like that?  My answer was this: remember how mommy used to be really big?  We'll when people eat good healthy food and exercise there bodies are in good health.  It was great that the women you saw were exercising as that helps them be healthy and that's great! Good for them!

If there was one thing I learned from that day it was how important we are to each other and how we can effect someone else's life for better for worse and how much we need each other for support.  I am so happy inside that I have lost all this weight (still have a few more to go but I'm in relatively very good shape) and I can share my energy with my kids along with leading by example.  If I hadn't lost this weight I would have never thought to sign up my son to run a Kids K because I wouldn't be able to run with him (now he tries to keep up with me :-).  I know it's an old saying but I believe that kids do as we do not as we say and we should lead by example.  I'm hoping that yesterdays moment and seeing his face after he got his ribbon is a feeling that stays with him forever as I know it will stay with me.  No matter what. 


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Today I am wearing running tights for the first time btw - and I love them!  I don't look as bad as I thought and they feel great on.
Ladies you keep me going.

Keep moving no matter what!