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With A Little Help From My Friends

Anyone who knows me knows that exercise is such a big part of my life (4 - 5 times a week).  I find myself chatting with people about exercise on many occasions (especially those in my community who haven't seen me in months and are shocked at my physical appearance - shocked in a good way of course :-) I usually chat about what my optimal temperature is for running, what I wear and the great group of people I run with.  Many times in the conversation people say they would like to run but they don't know where to start or have never run before.  This got me thinking.............. I already have a runners group going on Saturday mornings but how about a beginners group?

I decided to send an email out and post on FaceBook to everyone that I'm starting a beginners running group.  I had no idea how many people would join me and in the end there were seven of us including me.  The only problem was when would I get my run in?  I decided to get up extra early to start my run at 7:15am 3.4 miles and start the beginners group at 8am.  It was earlier than I'm used to running but it was nice.  The regulars for running didn't join me early due to the early time, injuries and no electricity (power went out for a chunk of the town). 

The weather this morning was a little bit on the cool damp side and cloudy so I wore my running tights, short sleeve tech shirt and my light weight jacket as it was raining a little.  I warmed up quickly and tied my jacket around my waste.

The view on my run 3.4 mile run this morning was beautiful and serene.  It was quiet but not lonely even though I was running by myself.  I ran past a local farm with cows in the pasture.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  Just me and the outdoors.  I knew at the end of my solo run I was going to have my beginners group and I was looking forward to the company.  For me running isn't just a physical outlet and a way to get exercise but it's a great social outlet as well.

For the first day of the beginners group there were seven of us including myself (I was beyond excited and happy that people wanted to be apart of this group).  It was a great feeling to get more people into moving their bodies.

I felt honored to run with Anita, Marie, Janina, Lisa, Aya, Jenn.
A great group of ladies!  Thank you! - you keep me moving!

I know first hand how difficult it is to go from barely walking at a decent pace to then start trying to run.  Lets face it exercising isn't as much fun as sitting on a couch with a plate of my favorite (insert chocolate anything here :-).  I've found that with a group of people there's always great conversation and time flys by - I promise.

I think one of the biggest obstacles for me starting out with exercising was getting over my doubts:  Can I keep up with everyone else?  How will I look while I'm exercising (yuk!)? What will people think about me?  Will I look silly?  CAN I DO IT???  I think we are far more capable than we sometimes think.   I must say based on my experience today with the beginners group they will soon be leaving me in the dust!


  1. Update to this post.....
    Something really cool happend today!
    I went to my son K's school to run laps around the field during his afternoon recess (a few other kids joined us). He wants me to run with him every week. He gave me a giant hug at bed time and said it's always more fun to run with friends then alone. :-)

  2. So powerful - AWESOME running with son, and what an inspiration to all the other kids!! Most parents can't run with their kids - we've all been out of shape!! I stopped in at school yesterday and caught my daughter and friends doing the wii 'just dance' and it was so fun, I joined in...they couldn't believe it ; )

    So I wanted to ask if you run with tunes or not? My second set of headphones just went out and I'm frustrated but I'm wondering if it's too much of a hinderance too?? -mid


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