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Defeating the Purpose

It is soooooo hard to break old habits.  Did I mention it's really hard to break old habits?  I'm sure some of you reading this may be like - What???? It's hard for you to break old habits?  If that were so then how were you able to lose 78lbs???  What are you complaining about???

 We'll to be honest with you I struggle along with everyone else.  I've been on this eternal up 2 - 3lbs (sometimes more) then down 2- 3lbs for many, many, many, many weeks.  Why you might ask?  Well lets use today for an example (This is not a pity party but me being painfully honest with myself). 
I ran for 8 miles as I am training for a half marathon - Gulp! 

Then I had a birthday party for my son and I did really well during the party.  I had a big plate of spinach with strawberries a little bit of low fat feta and some balsamic vinaigrette.  I then had one piece of pizza, about 1/2c of homemade strawberry ice cream (so yum!) and some seltzer with a splash of cranberry raspberry juice and a splash of raspberry rum (and I avoided the cupcake).   Good right?  So here's the rest.....

After everyone left to go home I was cleaning up and packed up the remaining pizza to put in the fridge.  Good right?  We'll I managed to eat two more pieces of pizza and I ate one cupcake.  The whole time I kept saying to myself: why are you doing this?  You are erasing all the sweaty eight miles on pizza and a cupcake (really good pizza btw so it wasn't a totally bad experience :-)

And my day is not over.  We are going to dinner at a family members house and I have no idea what's on the menu and I've already blown through all my ww points for the day.  Do I have extra points? Sure but not that many as I've been eating allot the last few days.  Not sure how this is going to play out on the scale but being real about it is the first step (so I say).  I like to be painfully honest with myself.  No excuses!

My new long term game plan (sure will power only goes so far):  Reprogram my mind for these moments of weakness.  I'm going to write out cards and put them everywhere in my house (bedroom, cupboard, fridge).  Hopefully my husband and kids won't think I've gone mad.  The cards will read something like this:  This moment will pass and you will thank yourself now go get a drink of water; go find something to do on your 'to do' list; give yourself a pedicure; paint the living room :-)   You get the idea.  What I hope to do is replace old habits with new ones.  This is a muscle I need to exercise and whip into shape.  I've come too far to not maintain what I currently have lost and I want to reach my goal.  I have every confidence that I can get there if I put my mind to it and learn new behaviors. Rome wasn't built in a day so this could take some time.  The point is 'getting there' and staying 'there'.  This is for a lifetime and not just to fit into a summer bathing suit or to fit into a dress for a special event.  This is for a lifetime.

No matter what!


  1. I like your perspective (honesty is best) and it sounds VERY normal for everyone. If you are working your body harder (sounds like it), then you need to account for that with proper nutrition choices (bday parties can't count). I would seek the advice of a trainer or a nutritionist - if you are eating enough protein and healthy fats, I don't think you would crave and cave into the cupcake and pizza. I am at where you are but I also know that sometimes there are others who may be able to help me too. The cards are a great idea (they've worked for me) and having pre-made veggys ready to go is very helpful when you want that 2nd pc of pizza or cupcake. It is mind over matter though, so I know you will conquer this just as you've lost all the weight. It will take time; don't give up!! Thanks for being honest with yourself and the rest of us ; ) -mid

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts Mid! Since this post I have been eating more protein and healthy fats and the cravings have gone away!! Now if I can just be consistent with tracking my points and calories I'll be were I want to be weight wise.


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