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Impact of Running

I've been kind of scarce lately.  The summer has been crazy busy with my boys and my time has been very limited.  School should be starting in a few days (hopefully school will start - due to Hurricane Irene most areas are still out of power) and then I hope to have just a couple minutes extra to be able to do some more frequent blogging. 

I am training for my first half marathon and the race is coming up in three weeks!  Gulp!  My goal is to finish no matter what.  Honestly even with my training there's a part of me that is saying: 13.1 miles? Your body can do that??? Are you sure???  A few weeks ago my body was starting to feel the effects of all the running I was doing.  My hips were hurting me and my shins were starting to bother me.

I think there were many factors at hand:
1. Running on cambered hilly surfaces too often can have a negative impact on your body.
2. Increasing mileage more than 10% from one week to the next can be too much for your body and cause injuries. (I increased at more than 10% to catch up as I decided not to long ago to run the half marathon)
3. Not having the proper foot ware can cause stress on joints and the body. (I had good sneakers that had 'expired' with so much use - kind of like having old tires on a car)

Since my body wasn't feeling well I decided to try a less aggressive training schedule.  I found a training schedule by Hal Higdon.  The training schedule is for beginners who have never run a half marathon before.  In addition to that I decided to run on a flat track or a treadmill but no hills for about a week.  Last but not least I purchased some new sneakers at the local Fleet Feet and I have no more shin splints or aches and pains in my hips.  The cost of good sneakers is worth every penny!

If you are thinking about running I highly recommend starting slow and finding a training program that works for you or create your own program.  In addition getting fitted with some really good running shoes is essential (Your body will thank you!).  Last but not least find a few friends to run with.  It's more fun and motivating when you aren't doing this alone.

I'm excited for the half marathon and most importantly I'm hoping for no injuries!  I will cross the finish line no matter what!

Time for me to run to bed.  I have to get up for an early run in the am.  Happy running!


  1. Great to hear from you; and I'm glad you took your own advice!! New shoes are AWESOME and I've found a pair too that I'm really enjoying!! Thanks for the link to the half-marathon training - I'm going to bookmark that one. I was thinking the other day I should challenge myself for a 10K and then push ahead...and hopefully yes school will start soon for you so you can get back on track and into your routine ; ) -Mid


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