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The Work Never Stops

In case you were wondering there is never an end to the work. 

I guess you can say the last few days have been a little stressful.  My son's first day of school was postponed by a week due to lack of power from hurricane Irene.  Thankfully everyone is safe and no one was hurt but we haven't been in a routine of sorts and it's taking a little bit of a toll on me.  It feels like everything is hitting me all at once.

As for my weight it has been fluctuating up and down by about 4 - 5lbs and I'm not at my goal weight.  When I'm stressed or emotional I eat and it's hard to not do sometimes (ok most times).  It seems I get very close to my goal and then I gain again.  I know what it takes to take it off and yet I self sabotage myself.  I've come this far to lose 78lbs so why am I doing this to myself now??? I'm not sure what the answer is but I'm going to fight really hard to get to my goal weight.   And then the real work begins of keeping it off!

I need to do this no matter what!  Are you with me?


  1. I'm with you and I'm here for you - I hear what you are saying, I'm living what you are doing, and I'm frustrated with myself as well...but we are still here, we are still trying, and we will learn!! Different challenges may be what our bodies are looking for and perhaps a revamp of our intake might be the ticket also...I'm sneaking in sugar here and there all over the place...I was so good before, but it's in my system now like a drug and I'm I need to get clean ; ) Who's with me?? ; ) -mid

  2. Thank you so much Mid for posting your comments. You always seem to know what to say at the right time. And yes I'm with you :-) We can lean on eachother!

  3. I hear you! I reached WW goal in 2008 and struggled ever since!!! I am up 15 of my 50 i workeeeeeeeed so hard to lose!!! I would play the eat on weekend game. It worked for awhile but the darn game beat me! My mind set was so there when i was not close to goal but when u focus that you r close to your goal something happens. At the moment I am spiraling and so depressed. Yes the sugar gets in your system and it is a nightmare. It just drugs me too and drags me down physically and mentally. I just feel depressed and then i wonder why i keep punishing myself like this! When i eat healthy I am on top of the world. My mood is lifted and I can deal with the curve balls in life!!!!

    Like you I am an emotional eatter!! The hurricane threw me for a loop! We leave Tuesday for Portugal for 11 days so it is throwing my mind again for another loop!!! The easiest thing to do is quit but that is not an option!!!! WE WILL FIGURE THIS OUT!! People do! Soooo hand in hand we will walk down this road with our head held high because we HAVE accomplished so much and just hit a little bump in the road!!!! Have a skinny day!!

  4. Rozie I hope you are doing well. Hang in there and yes we will figure this out. Congratulations on being a lifetime member. I hope to get there sometime sooner than later :-) . We can do this!


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