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My First Half Marathon

Sunday is the Surf Town Half Marathon at Misquamicut Beach Rhode Island and it is my first half marathon (13.1 miles).  So far the longest distance I have ever run was 10 miles and that was last week in preparation for this race.  My goal for this race is to keep a pace and finish strong (or perhaps it's just to finish :-)

The race starts at 7:30 am so six of my running partners and I will be having a night stay in a hotel close to the starting line.  I'm looking forward to a Saturday night out sans kids and a peaceful meal with my running compadres.  For race day it's supposed to be in the high 60's low 70's and Sunny.  Perfect running weather!

Post race there's a beer for participants, breads, fruits, clam chowder and other food.  Based on the distance I will be burning approximately 1,300 calories.  What does that mean for me?  I will surely enjoy a beer after the race and I will keep it real with what I eat (I hope to splurge just a bit the night before at dinner).  I have some wiggle room with my calorie intake as I will have burned allot of calories but for example if I ate a piece of cheesecake well that would be about 700 calories leaving me with 600 left to use. One beer and a burger and then all my 'bonus calories' will be gone and more than likely my body will be hungry in a few short hours.  I've found that eating 'sweets' or things with white flour only puts me in the cycle of wanting to eat again an hour or two later.  I then get into the eating cycle and when all is said and done I eat way more calories in a day than I should (not to forget the battles I sometimes face with eating when I'm not hungry aka emotional eating).  If I keep my diet clean with complex carbs and protein (whole grains, walnuts, Greek yogurt, eggs, lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies) then I find that I don't have cravings. 

In addition to watching what I'm eating I need to keep my 'head in check'.  I kind of psyche myself up for when I know I'm going to be in places filled with temptation (sometimes that's at home).  For example last night for dinner we had roasted chicken with squash, broccoli and warm whole wheat ciabatta.  I cut up the ciabatta bread and promptly put it on the other side of my table out of reach.  I must say it was REALLY HARD TO NOT EAT THAT BREAD.  I even buttered a couple of pieces for my kids and I kept saying in my head "You are not going to eat this!".  All I could think about was this must be what it's like for someone who's addicted.  I couldn't wait to get the bread out of my hand that I was serving to my kids.  I know once I start eating really good bread the loaf will be gone in a flash.  In the end I didn't eat any bread :-)  That's a muscle I need to workout more.  The muscle of saying no to temptation.

We'll I'm off to bed for a good nights sleep.  I have a few new songs for the race that I just downloaded (seeing as it's a beach run I figured a few Beach Boys songs in addition to a new favorite song of mine):

Sufin USA - Beach Boys
Barbara Ann - Beach Boys
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

I will finish this race No Matter What!


  1. sonya - wow, I'm excited for you and nervous for you!! sorry!! 13 miles is really incredible and you've come so are doing so great, and I hear you on the carb rant!! I've done so lousy lately (you can read my logs) and you are SO RIGHT That it just spirals out of control..and yes, I know I'm addicted to carbs...I couldn't put the garlic bread down fast enough tonight!!

    Thanks for keeping it real here, and for sharing!! I wish you the best of success on Sunday, and I know you WILL FINISH. I'll be praying that you are pain free and without any injury. what a memorable time!! enjoy and get some sleep with your girlfriends - have fun ; )


  2. Thank you Mid! I can relate to being addicted to carbs/bread etc.... Hopefully we can kick the out of control part of it.


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