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What It's Like To Be Fat - Part II

Since my first post of What It's Like To Be Fat - Part I, I thought I would tell you what it's like for me since being in my new body.  It's funny while I have shed the pounds I still have the same vision in my head of my old body.   

I went shopping recently and picked up a pair of pants to have a closer look and they were a size 6.  I looked at them and said to myself "those are way too small" and looked at some larger sizes.  It was if I was looking at the size 6 pants through the eyes of my 215+ lb body (I am a size 6 so they did fit). 

I was at a concert the other night (Foster the People) and someone asked me to 'move over' as there was a space in front of me and I could move to get a better view (it was a mostly standing only small venue type concert - great concert btw).  I at first declined because I didn't think I would 'fit' in that spot and was afraid my 'width' would get in the way and I would bump into others standing to the left and right of me.  And to my surprise I of course 'fit' and all was well. 

My physical abilities have changed drastically since my journey started (however when I exercise I still workout like I have a hundred pounds left to lose). 

When it comes to flexibility, balance and strength I can do yoga poses like crow.

I can run a half marathon. 
I have greater endurance than ever before to keep up with my kids (I run once a week with my son during his recess time - the school has a mileage club for the students).
None of my joints ache (just getting out of bed in the morning used to be a challenge as my body would ache).
I can tie my shoes without getting out of breath.
When it comes to eating most of the time I eat like someone at my current weight should eat and then there are moments in my head I'm 200+ lbs and I inhale lots of food (insert refined carbs and chocolate here). I'm having one of those urges right now but I'm fighting off the temptation at the moment.

Is it hard work to both lose and keep the weight off?  You bet!   It's funny how my old way of thinking seems to rise to the surface.  I guess it may take a while as I've been living most of my life as an overweight/obese person and old habits and thought patterns are sometimes hard to break.  But it's much more exhausting to live a life in a 215lb body.  Now there are no limits to what I can accomplish.

One step at a time no matter what!


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