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Love Your Body

The meaning of  'to love your body' means different things to different people.  For me 'to love your body' can have many different meanings. I decided to make some lifetime changes because I didn't like my body not only in appearance but for how I felt physically (insert aching knees and joints).   Here are a few things I've discovered about what it means for me to love my body (still a work in progress).

1. Accepting who I am on a physical level without trying to meet society standards of what a body should look like.

2. Being disciplined to treat my body with respect by feeding it and giving it the nutrients it needs through proper nutrition and healthy whole foods. 
"Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food"
~ Hippocrates

3. Work on obstacles (food or otherwise) that stand in my way.  Sometimes the only way out is through.

4. Trusting that my body is capable of more than I sometimes believe.

5. Never stop fighting and never give up.  I only have one body and my life is only as rich as the body I have that carries me through.

6. Not being honest with myself about how I'm really treating my body shows up on my hips, thighs and the scale.  No matter what the measurements are I'm accountable and that's what matters.  No body is perfect.

7. Accepting what my body is like at it's best (for example I will never be accepted on the US Olympic team for running - but I am running and I think that's pretty amazing!)

8. My body DOES NEED EXERCISE :-) Just as I need to take a shower, brush my teeth and comb my hair.  Keep it fun and interesting!

9. Making the right choices isn't always easy but it's worth it.  I'm worth it!

Can I be overweight and love my body?  For me that answer is no because I know what that feels like and it doesn't feel good (both physically and emotionally).  For me my fat was a symptom.  A symptom of not making time for my health and putting myself at the top of the list.  Comfort found in a box of cookies really isn't comforting at all in the end.  Sure emotionally it may be soothing in that moment but the negative after effects can be long lasting for my long term health.

Do I wish I could have loved my body when I was overweight? Yes!  Because then I wouldn't have wasted so much of my life holding onto fear and not trying to do things because of emotional/mental hangups.  It took me a long time to just get into a gym and even then I was nervous about people starring and saying to themselves: "there goes the fat girl".  - As a side note no one ever made me feel that way other than myself in the gym.

Perhaps even in the beginning before I started this lifestyle change there was a part of me that loved my body/self just a little.  How else could I get past all the obstacles in my head to take care of my body?  If that's not loving your body then I don't know what is.  The journey isn't easy but it sure is worth it.  No matter what!

What does loving your body mean for you?


A few examples of loving your body and perseverance: 
Anna Guest Jelley a curvey yoga instructor with a great blog and a great example of loving ones self!  She's living life and not letting anything get in her way.

Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelley from Curvy Yoga on Vimeo.
My friend and Yoga instructor who never once made me feel like I couldn't do yoga when I was at my heaviest. She has shown me encouragement and how strong I really am. I can do more than I realize.
The lead for the group Oh Land used to be a ballet dancer and due to an injury was no longer able to dance.  She took that obstacle and made the most of it by finding her way into music (successfully I might add).

An excerpt from Oh Land

"That spell was broken ever so briefly when a major back injury caused her ballet career to come to an abrupt halt after being told by a doctor that she would never dance again."

“I was like a black hole during that period,” admits Oh Land. “The only thing that got me through it was music, because I felt like I could still dance through it; like I could lie down, close my eyes, and figure out melodies without moving.” This dark period led her to discover that the entire reason she danced in the first place was because of music and that was the creative medium she wanted to mold as her own.  " ~ 

A few Oh Land videos I wanted to share with you..... I saw them in Boston this past Wednesday.  Loved them!  I'm adding these songs to my workout music mix!


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