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My Secret Weapons - Part II

Part II of my Secret Weapons is about exercise.  Not necessarily specific exercises to do (I'll give an example of what my workout routine looks like during a week) but about motivation.  In case you missed it Part I My Secret Weapons, focused on food and what I currently eat. 

My Workout Secret Weapons

1. "It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable." - Socrates   
I find that statement to be so true on many different levels.  I think of the natural child birth of my second son to crossing the finish line of every race from my first 5k to my first half marathon and I have a sense of achievement.  There is something that happens when I achieve something that seems impossible.  I get a new found confidence in myself that I can truly do anything I set my mind too with the proper amount of dedication and hard work.  Even something as small as doing a few pushups more than I think I can feels like I climbed my Everest.

2. Anger/Frustration
When ever I'm angry about something the next best thing to talking about it is using it to fuel my workouts.  A workout helps me get the bad energy out and afterwords I feel like I accomplished something good for myself.  

3. TV Personal Trainers
Some of you may be reading this and saying I do the same thing or you may be saying what??  Probably the only show I watch with any sort of frequency on TV is The Biggest Loser.  I take in some of the catch phrases the trainers say to the contestants and I play those phrases in my head when I'm working out. "This is it! Get moving! You can do this!"

4. Energy From Others Around Me
Lets face it misery loves company and when my motivation is low I get some of my energy and motivation from others around me.  That's probably why I love the gym so much.  There have been occasions where there has been someone next to me running on the treadmill and it makes me feel a little less tortured and alone in my workout.  I say to myself: "If they can do it then so can I!"

5. A Machine
Many times when my mind is focused I can run or workout like a machine. I'm able to stay 100% focused and my effort and motion feel 100% consistent.  I feel like I could workout forever.

6. Workout Partner
I feel very fortunate to have friends who are interested in fitness, health, running, cycling and swimming.  My friends help keep me accountable.  I have a large circle of friends and acquaintances and that has assured me at least one person to run with every Saturday.  My running group started with a small circle of friends and every week or two I seem to find another person who is interested in joining the group.  I am forever grateful for the women in my community. We both motivate and lean on each other.

7. Fitness Classes
There is something about the power of signing up for a class.  It forces me to show up and be accountable because I signed up.  It also gives me a chance to be with other people who share the same interest in getting fit and working out. I've made a few friends along the way and it has been fun! - not to forget I've also learned some new moves to help keep my body guessing :-).

8. , and
All of these websites have helped me tremendously with finding support and challenges to keep exercise interesting along with keeping my diet in check. is a great place to log my food, join groups and check in for advice and support (I log my ww points there as I have been since day one of this lifestyle change). is a great site to join in physical challenges. I can create my own challenge for others to join or I can join someone else's challenge.  For fun I just started keeping track of my mileage and for the Month of November I've completed 151 miles!  65 of those miles was in the form of running and the rest was cycling (I seriously can't believe I accomplished that).  For additional support Weight and meetings in person has been a good tool for my eating plan and has most definitely been a key player for my weight loss.

9. Workout DVD's and Online Clips
I have a Jillian Michaels DVD and I check out for videos on some new forms of torture exercise.  Workout DVD's are great on snow days when I'm stuck inside and I need to bust out a workout.  Jillian and Bob if you ever by chance ever read this keep up the great work!

10. Books, Magazines etc...
In an effort to keep it fresh I do research online and I read books and fitness magazines to get some new ideas to keep exercise interesting and fresh (along with my diet).  The very first workout I used from a magazine was to learn how to start to try to run.  Thank you to whomever wrote that article.  I will be posting that sometime to show how I started running. 

I must keep moving no matter what!

What are your workout secret weapons?  


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