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Pulling It Together Before Christmas

Right now I should be in my weekly yoga class that my friend teaches.  I hope she understands that I'm not there (this is my second week missing the class and I enjoy chatting it up after and before class).  If I were there I'm sure I would be losing it during savasana. Christmas is two days away and I have lots to do and to top it off my dog Mocha isn't doing so well.  She's a chocolate lab and is 14 years old (you could say she was/is my first baby).  Her age is catching up with her and she is not putting any weight on her left rear hind quarters as of today.  She has also been 'losing control' of her back end every so often (if you have owned a dog you may know what that means if not then I'll spare you the details).  She has been in my life from the time my husband and I were dating and when we first moved in together.  We had quite the adventure when we got her as a puppy.  I'll never forget the 8 hour drive to both check out the breeder and see her.  On the day we picked her up we drove from my husband's cousin's wedding in Maryland to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania to get her.  We had the back seats folded down in my husbands jeep with a box and a comforter for her to ride in .  She was just a puppy back then and wanted no part of the box.  She wanted to be with us and she spent the very long ride home sitting or sleeping on the arm rest between my husband and I.   If you are familiar with the story/movie/book of Marley and Me she was very much mischievousness like Marley only a little less crazy. She always aimed to please when she wasn't getting into mischief.

A list of things she has done:

Paws up on the counter or table and has grabbed and ate
an entire loaf of bread
an entire bag of rolls
an entire cantelope (all but 4 seeds rind and all)
an entire bag of unopened corn chips
shred and eat toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, napkins

Chewed through wall board
Chewed and ate the leather insole of a slipper
Shredded a couch
Chewed up diapers
And my favorite: Chewed up the book 101 uses for a lab :-)

Some sweet things she has done:
Scared off an intruder.
Is great at cleaning up any leftovers that fall under the dinner table at dinner time.
Was/is very gentle around/with my boys and always allowed herself to be climbed on by them.
When I was pregnant with my first born she would walk up to me and sniff my belly.
She loved, loved, loved to play frisbee, ball, and swim.
Was great at helping our dog Java find the lost dog toys in the woods.
She was my study companion when I was in college.  She would lay next to me and would put her paw in the middle of my book for me to pet her/take a break.
She knew many objects by name and on command could/would find and fetch shoes for example.
She was always there for us unconditionally and seemed to know when I was having a bad day.

I will miss her and writing about it helps me.  She is still with us thankfully but I feel like we are on borrowed time.  I will give her more attention in between the diaper changes, fixing lunch/dinner and tending to the kids.  It feels like the start of a very slow goodbye.  This is probably one of the few times I'm not reaching for a box of cookies for comfort as I don't feel like eating much.  Maybe a 5 mile run is in order?  I think some fresh air will help.


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