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The Revamped Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012

Weight Watchers has tweaked/redone their Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  This time last year is when they introduced the Points Plus Program (in addition to a few website enhancements).

If your not familiar with Weight Watchers the program works like this:

1. Each individual (according to current height/weight/sex) is given a daily Points Plus Value to eat in a day.  My daily points plus value is now 26 (it used to be 29).  I can earn extra points through exercise to use as I wish during the week in addition to that I have 49 points in a week to use as I wish (same as before).

2. All foods are assigned a Points Plus Value.  The foods that have a zero Points Plus Value are all fruits and vegetables excluding: Peas, Avocados, fruit canned in syrup, dried fruit (and a few others foods that have slipped my mind at the moment). 

3. Foods are assigned a Points Plus Value based on carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein. [The old plan that  I used before the Points Plus Program assigned points to foods based on Calories, Fat, and Fiber - I've lost weight using both  these plans and had used the old plan the longest].

4. For people who aren't into counting points there is a Simply Filling Plan: "Following the Simply Filling technique means you eat exclusively from the Power Foods list without counting the PointsPlus values of those foods. " -   Power foods are foods low in fat, high in fiber, and or high in protein (egg whites, egg, quinoa, apple, no fat dairy, light english muffin for example).

I think the newest version of the Points Plus Program will work for most who have been stuck for a while as the daily amount of Points Plus Value for a day has been decreased (for me it has gone from 29 to 26 points).  Some people such as myself can eat their daily Points Plus Value along with the extra 49 points and not lose anything.  I have friends who are close to goal weight and this has happened to them along with myself. Why?  Too much fruit perhaps? :-) I was on a 'free fall, fruit for any occasion' (without my favorite comfort foods in the house fruit became a way to get that comfort - too much fruit :-).   Too many bananas (high calorie and high sugar fruit) can pack on a pound if you eat too many in a day (zero points plus value or not calories are calories).  I now limit myself to one banana a day btw :-) sometimes two if it's a workout day.  

Am I hungry on this plan? No!  However if I refused to eat fruits and vegetables and only wanted to consume cheetos, snickers bars, soda, cheeseburgers and fries all the time and did that while staying within my WW PPV I would be starving!

Here are some examples of choices I would make that are filling and are low or no points......

One Orange: 0 Points Plus (very filling, sweet and healthy - packed with fiber)
8oz Glass of Orange Juice: 3 Points Plus (zero fullness and I would need to eat something else)

Baked Potato w 1/3c fat free greek yogurt: 6 Points Plus (and I would feel full after eating this)

Small order of French Fries: 6 Points Plus (I wouldn't find this satisfying and would need to eat something in addition to the fries)

2/3c Fat Free Greek Yogurt with Vanilla, Stevia and 1c fresh berries: 2 Points Plus (I would feel very full after eating this.)
1/2c Ice Cream: 8 Points Plus (I would feel hungry a short while after eating this.)

If you are looking for a weight loss program that's easy to follow I highly recommend Weight Watchers.  I can't promise you that making the choice to eat healthy foods and exercise is always easy but it's worth it!

If you currently aren't following any particular diet or exercise plan and are contemplating making a life change for your health you will when you are ready. What ever that may look like. No matter what :-)  

------------------------------------------December 6th UPDATE To This Post---------------------------------------

I just came back from my meeting and the skinny on the lower points allotted for the day is this:

If a person is currently eating 29points in a day and they are losing weight/happy with the progress they are making than they shouldn't make any changes.  If a person such as myself is going up and down every other week with the 29points per day then I should lower my daily points consumption to be no lower than 26points.  I made that change last week along with consuming my earned  points from exercise and using a few of my 49 extra weekly points and lost 1.5 lbs.  I'm going to repeat what I did this past week and will see what the results are.  


  1. how has your weight loss gone on the new plan. I was on the old program but am on my first week of the new program. my points value is also 26. I love all the fruit. I am currently staying at my daily 26 only (no or very little xtra 49) but not limiting my fruit. I feel so much more satisfied. What has been working for you.

  2. Anonymous thank you for posting. This page is one of the most visited and your comment is the first one :-) My weight loss went well on the new plan but as I got close to my goal I ate too many bananas or high calorie fruits like mango and that can make a difference (calories in vs. calories out - fruit has calories and bananas can be about 100 calories depending on the size). At one point I was seriously eating 5 pieces of fruit often including two bananas a day (unfortunately fruit started to substitute dealing with being bored etc... eating when I wasn't hungry but that's another issue :-). I also am very active and found it hard to figure out how much to eat. I do workout 5 - 7 hours a week at a high intensity. I would eat all my activity points and then dip into my weeklies and not lose anything or even gain.
    So that's when it got tricky.

    I was trying to lose weight while at the same time eating the right amount of calories to fuel my workouts. As a result of all this I was either eating too much or not enough. Personally I feel that knowing the exact amount of calories I'm eating to be more helpful for someone who works out as much as I do. But in general I think the new WW pp system is fantastic. It teaches people to eat lots of fruits and veggies (and avoid the processed stuff).

    Today: I don't track my activity points (I workout closer to 5 hours a week vs 7), eat 26 points daily plus I eat 25 - 30 of my weeklies. For fruit I need to watch it. I will limit myself to 1 banana and two other servings of any other kind of fruit. It has taken a while but I feel I've found the right mix for me. I also have figured out I do better when I use 25 of my weeklies just for one meal (insert hot fudge sundae here or a really good cheeseburger :-)

    Now that I've said all that I wanted to know what I really am for a picture of health so I had my body fat percentage measured. I'm 21.9% body fat! You can read about that here:

    Best of luck on the new plan and congratulations on making the commitment for a healthier self! It's not always easy but it sure is worth it!


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