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Lets Be Real

I'm sitting on my couch as I type this looking at a basket of laundry that needs to be folded and will be hopefully folded after I'm done typing this blog post.  If I don't type this out now GOD only knows what my composition and spelling will be like as later in the day my brain says time to rest (ok who am I kidding my composition and spelling isn't that great to begin with :-)! I received a message the other day from one of my peertrainer friends and they were feeling bummed and discouraged on there weight loss journey (if you are reading this I hope you don't mind I'm posting this on my blog).  "sonya - totally thought of you when i was pulling out of the pkg lot of the grocery store tonight...feeling frustrated...and wanting to quit b/c my workout took up my AM and I could have been doing laundry instead...and I thought sonya does this and she has 2 little kids and mine are bigger and it's easier for me...why am I whining??" This is my rea

Day 5 training 12k: Day Off

Today was my day off on my training schedule and tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 3 miles. I figured what better day to take the time for a proper shoe fitting for running shoes.  My friend and running partner for the 12k went with me to do some shopping.  We packed up the two little ones (both the age of two) and went to the local running store and had a great experience.  It was a kid friendly store as they had a few baskets of toys for the kids to play with while we were fitted with running shoes.  For the process of being fitted first they checked out my stride and then fitted me with some sneakers that I tried out on the treadmill in the store (they also did a video of my stride to see how I run).  I found out that I have slightly low arches and my feet have neutral pronation .  I purchased some inserts for my arches to go with the shoes.  Then it was time for some some lunch and a trip to Old Navy.  Lunch at Whole Foods: Egg, Quinoa, Berries, Cucumber slices, Carrots

Day 4 training 12k: run 3 miles.

As I type this I'm doing a few walking warm up laps. Track or treadmill? I think track as I won't be getting my new sneakers until tomorrow.... and the treadmill can be so boring. I'm going to time my run and see how fast I can do one mile. I'll post my results later. Update: 9 1/2 minute mile.

The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss

It's funny how weight loss is allot like life.  Full of many ups and downs when we would like to see things stay steady and consistent (at least I do).  Yesterday was my official weigh day and the scale said +1.4lbs.  Tonight I went to my weight watchers meeting and the scale of course said +1.4lbs.  I was asked if I was expecting that and I said yes  - but inside I was saying: Really????? How is it one works there ass off and they gain 1.4lbs in a week?  Did I really eat too many calories?.  I must say that's one of the things I don't like about the new Weight Watchers Program.  Fruit is 0 points and I eat 3 - 5 pieces of fruit a day (nothing canned only fresh fruit).  I also eat about 2-3 servings of vegetables a day.   Am   I missing something when it comes to logging my food? Am I fooling myself?  I also don't credit myself for the exercise I am doing.  I guess I'm frustrated with the lack of exact calorie/point counting on the new program.  I like things to

Day 3 training 12k: Crosstrain

Sitting on the recumbent bike as I type this.  Feeling a slight 'burn' in my legs already.  The way my butt feels right now reminds me why I'm not a fan of bikes in general.  After my 30 minutes of 'fun' its 30 minutes of weight training. My knees feel a little sore so I'm going to the local running store for a proper shoe fitting. Ran 3 miles on the indoor track yesterday. I will do this no matter what!  (but within reason :)   

First 5k Finish!

 My metallic green stripes for the Saint Patrick's Day Race. (Kind of felt like a geek when I asked someone to take a picture of my stripes.)    The race was my first ever participating in and it was a 5k (with mostly hills). I recently read an article about burning out at the end of a race and that was something I didn't want to do.  I knew I could do the 3.2 miles as that's something I do on my training runs (sometimes more) however I wanted to sprint across the finish line not barely finish the race with exhaustion .  I stood behind the pack of the majority of runners.  I didn't want to feel the pressure to keep up the pace with the faster runners that were there.  My Goals: Run the race with a burst of energy through the finish line. Feel great after the run not just because of the accomplishment of finishing the race but feel great physically (no injuries). Run an 11 minute mile (as there was going to be lots of hills). Run a steady pace by