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Post My 2nd 5k

As I type this I've had a big lunch, hot cup of coffee and a super hot shower.  It was cold and wet to say the least while running this morning.  I didn't go into my run feeling overly confident for some reason.  Not sure what it was about?  For food this morning I ate a banana and had a cup of coffee. I think a big part of me just didn't want to run in the cold rain :-)  My lack of enthusiasm apparently didn't hurt me too much because I beat my previous 5k time.  I ran today's race in 29mins and 29seconds; 9:29 second mile. With run 5min, walk 1min intervals.  My goal was to run at least a 10minute mile and to finish strong and I accomplished both!  Pre race feeling warm and dry :-)  Post race photo. A great group of ladies to run with! - I'm feeling like a drowned rat in this photo. Wet AND Cold! Today on my 12k training schedule I'm supposed to run 5 - 6 miles today.  My original plan was to run two miles before the 5k this morning but thing

Rain, Rain go away for my second 5k.

In a few hours I'm running my second race.  It's another 5k (my second race so far) and it's cold (mid 30's) and raining outside.  Not sure if I'm going to wear my new or old running shoes?  The first mile of three will be all up hill - ouch!  According to my training schedule for the 12k I should be running 5 - 6 miles today.  I'm going to run two - three miles on my treadmill before the race to get my mileage in.  This will be a new experience for sure! Cheers!

Bay To Breakers

Just received my race packet!  Can't wait!  San Francisco is on my bucket list and I get to not only visit but run in the 100th anniversary of this race.  Life is good!

Busy Week

Today is my day off on my workout schedule and I'm going to enjoy it.  The sun is shining and I'm going to take the boys out for a play date. It's been one busy week as my 5yr old has this week off from school so I haven't had a ton of time to write.  I find that having my son home can challenge my energy for sure.   At the kids bed time I fell asleep and slept for 11 hours!  I seriously can't remember the last time I slept that long (perhaps when I was a teenager?).  I guess I needed to catch up on some sleep :-)  It was funny I dreamt about the upcoming Easter Sunday feast.  I dreamt about all the desserts that could be there and some I've never seen before but included chocolate.  In my dream while sitting next to my husband at the table I ate a little bit of everything and then felt sick to my stomach afterword (ate too much that wasn't super satisfying to my taste buds).  I must say I'm not craving the brownies I was thinking about last night befo