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San Francisco Bay To Breakers - Part II

The days leading up to the race where fun and relaxing.  We flew into San Francisco on a Wednesday and the race was on Sunday so we had a little bit of training to do and had some fun mixed in.  The Thursday before the race was the last day of training. My running partner and I ran 4 miles in the Pan Handle.  After our training run it was fun and relaxing to say the least.  We had the privilege of staying at my friends sisters in the city and we were able to get a car rental for $14 a day.  My favorite part of San Francisco?  - the food, coffee and wine of course :-) Every morning was heaven.  No screaming/whining kids to wake up to and no one to worry about other than myself (don't misunderstand me I did miss the hugs and kisses and the 'good moments' from my boys).  I could put something down and know it would be there when I needed it (little hands weren't around to pick it up and move it to no-mans land).  Every morning accompanied by quiet we would start the day

San Francisco Bay To Breakers - Part I

I'm still playing catch up since coming back from my trip.  Sorry for the delay.  I had an amazing time in San Francisco.  I spent 5 days there.  I flew in on a Wednesday and flew back home on a Monday.  I went with my friend who invited me to run the race Bay To Breakers . We had been running and working out together and this was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. I found a sitter to watch my boys on my husbands work days and local family helped out on the weekend with meals and helping keep the boys occupied so my husband could get a little bit of a break. I must say I didn't realize how much I needed this trip.  It has been 7 - 8 years since I've spent a chunk of time away from my family without the kids (outside of an overnight once in a while - it's just enough time to start to relax and then it's back to reality of diapers, grocery shopping and laundry etc..) I haven't felt this alive (other than giving birth to my sons) since my h