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Defeating the Purpose

It is soooooo hard to break old habits.  Did I mention it's really hard to break old habits?  I'm sure some of you reading this may be like - What???? It's hard for you to break old habits?  If that were so then how were you able to lose 78lbs???  What are you complaining about???  We'll to be honest with you I struggle along with everyone else.  I've been on this eternal up 2 - 3lbs (sometimes more) then down 2- 3lbs for many, many, many, many weeks.  Why you might ask?  Well lets use today for an example (This is not a pity party but me being painfully honest with myself).  I ran for 8 miles as I am training for a half marathon - Gulp!  Then I had a birthday party for my son and I did really well during the party.  I had a big plate of spinach with strawberries a little bit of low fat feta and some balsamic vinaigrette.  I then had one piece of pizza, about 1/2c of homemade strawberry ice cream (so yum!) and some seltzer with a splash of cranberry raspberry juic