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What It's Like To Be Fat - Part I

Get ready for an F bomb.... I'm cautioning you before you read further that if any of the f words upset you to please close your web browser window and don't read any further.  This post is not meant to upset anyone but I must say as I was writing this it definitely stirred some emotions from within me as it may do the same for you. What a sad existence I had by letting fat control my life.  Read on if you like........ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those of you who are reading this and are overweight/obese I don't think I need to tell you what it's like to be fat.  There are varying degrees of 'what it's like' depending of how big a person is and their situation.  For every rule there are exceptions and not every large person shares the same reality nor the same view point about their weight or extra lbs.  In some cases there are people who are underweight but

The Will To Fight

I went to my WW meeting tonight and I wasn't liking the number on the scale.  I new I had gained because I weighed myself on Monday morning.  I thought I did well this past week with eating and staying in my points range but apparently not?  I logged every morsel but perhaps the extra calories I ate the week before caught up with me? So what does one do?  I'm working out that much harder this week.  I'm mixing it up by doing some new exercises and doing the bike for some cardio besides running.  So far this week I've been eating spot on and will continue to do so for the next 7 days and then some.  At the meeting tonight I talked about how I'm so close to my goal and I have been that way for months.  I feel like I reached a complacency with where I was in my weight loss after losing 75 + lbs.  I'm done with the complacency.  I need to fight to take this weight off. It's me vs....  all the temptations I can think of.  Time to bring it and not just thi