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Do It Now!

Two days after Christmas my life came to a sharp point.  It was like my life flashed before my eyes and everything I ever experienced came down to this one defining moment....... I sat in the ER with a family member/relative that was in need of some medical attention (I will refrain from names and how this person relates to me for privacy reasons and will call this person J).  J was not 100% coherent and couldn't seem to complete a thought. J was in two minor car accidents in the previous 24 hours and fell but had no recollection as to why or how.  After a longgggggggg wait in a very busy ER waiting room J was seen by a nurse and had a blood pressure reading: 250 / 130 - Yikes!  J has had high blood pressure and has been on meds since I can remember.  But the question is: Is J taking the meds?  NO!  And add to the list heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Grrrr..... So here I am with some other family members standing in the ER waiting for a Dr. to see J.  All while I'm st