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Not sure if I blogged about this before but I took a college level Nutrition Class and the classes just ended. I finished my Nutrition Class with a 95 average so I'm exempt from the final exam :-)  But wait it gets better :-)

I have been fighting off these last few lbs and it looks like I wasn't seeing the whole 'picture'.  For those who have been trying to lose weight I'm sure you can relate to a love hate relationship with the scale at one time or another.  Since my last post I've lost a few lbs but not the 10lbs I talked about in my previous post.  We'll today I had a body fat analysis done to see where I am.   I was nervous and expecting to be in the low 30's for fat percentage.  It's funny how our old ways of thinking about ourselves never seems to completely go away.


My body fat is 21.9% !

So what does that mean?

According to the American Council On Exercise these are the ranges for body fat percentages:

Essential Fat: 2-5 percent
Athletes 6-13 percent
Fitness 14-17 percent
Acceptable 18-24 percent
Obesity greater than 25 percent
Essential Fat: 10-13 percent
Athletes 14-20 percent
Fitness 21-24 percent  <------- I'm 21.9%!!!!!!!!
Acceptable 25-31 percent
Obesity greater than 32 percent
So this means I am Physically Fit! Not just acceptable but in shape!  If I had any less fat on me I would be considered an athlete!  What?! Really?  
However according to the BMI I am considered overweight at 5' 2" and 141lbs.

Feel free to use the BMI calculator bellow to calculate your own BMI.

BMI For Adults

What did I learn from this?  In the big picture I am at my ideal weight for the amount of muscle I am carrying :-) (It's all about fat to muscle ratio not just your actual weight). One thing I have learned in this process is weight training does help.  The scale may show me one number but in the mirror there is a whole lot less that 'jiggles' - LOL!

Keep this in mind when you get close to your goal weight.  The number on the scale is a great place to start when it comes to weight loss however all numbers whether it be BMI or Fat to Muscle ratio are not equal in meaning.

What a Monkey Off My Back!  Now it's on to maintenance.  :-)


  1. That is amazing! Congratulations! :) I'm trying (*trying*) not to freak out over the scale and pay more attention to what I see in the mirror and the inches I'm losing.

  2. Thank you Ashley for the kudos and be proud of your accomplishment! - I know it's easier said than done. Two people can weigh the same at the same height but one person could not be tone while the other person is. Exercise is key and weights I found helped me firm up my arms legs and abs. I wish I took my measurements in inches so good for you in keeping track. - and celebrate!


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