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Half Marathon vs. Sprint Triathlon

Not sure if I'm overdoing it (ok I know I am) but I'm finding training for a sprint triathlon to be harder than a half marathon.  The swimming portion is my week spot and I just started swimming two weeks ago.  I have plenty of time before July gets here to build up my endurance (the month of the sprint triathlon) so I will be patient but I am whipped! A few great websites if you have any interest in training for a sprint triathlon and a good website about swimming: Article about triathlons: Training for a triathlon: A great website for tips on swimming: Anyone out there with some tips (especially on swimming)???

What's Your Bucket List?

This year I will be turning 40!  Part of my weight loss journey two years ago started with looking at my future.  Where did I want to be in life at age 40?  What should my life look like?  I knew part of the picture was not wanting to be morbidly obese!  For me there was nothing more sad than reaching age 40 knowing my life was half over and the majority of it was spent being overweight/obese/morbidly obese and having aching knees and no energy etc.... I didn't want my kids to see this is what happens at 40: your health is in the toilet and you live for everyone  and take care of everyone but yourself.  What kind of legacy would I be leaving my boys?  I wanted my boys to see that life was about living.  Not about sitting on the couch and living life through other people's adventures.  This year to celebrate my 40th birthday (I'm a gemini btw) I wanted to set and achieve some goals. So I came up with a list to complete by the end of the year: Complete at least one (mayb

Setting A Goal

I need to set a goal and I need to have a celebratory (none food) 'reward' at the end. I'm sure I'll probably get lots of support along with a few 'comments' from people who think I have gone crazy (many comments I've heard: "Where do you need to lose more weight?", "You already look great!").  Well guess what.  Too late! I'm already crazy! LOL!!  In all seriousness not to dwell on this but I have a goal I need to reach and yet I'm not getting there (I'm talking goal weight).  Why?? My excuse: I'm going through a bit of a stressful time and I've been reaching for food to comfort me.  Have I been exercising?  Most definitely yes and you can check out my stats on the side bar to the right - this past week I logged 53 miles: 15 running, 37.5 biking and .5 swimming ( In addition to ab exercises, kettle bell class, and push ups etc..) . Have I been leaning on my husband and friends for some emotional support?  Yes!  But o

Fat Free Salad Dressing

Just a quick note of a salad dressing I made that's so easy AND tasty.  Did I mention it's FAT FREE? :-) This is enough dressing for one large salad: 2 TB Balsamic Vinagrette 1 tsp (or to taste) organic mustard (yellow or spicy brown) 4 drops of organic liquid stevia Mix in a ramekin and pour over salad. The flavor of this dressing is sweet, tangy and a little bit of spice.   Enjoy! PS - If you need to get some healthy fats in your diet add 1 - 2 tsp of olive oil. (this would be additional points of course on weight watchers). 0 WW Points +  :-)