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- 5.6 lbs in my first week!!!

It's Friday and I'm getting to sit and write for the first time this week. It's been a busy week with my class and taking care of my boys along with the usual everything else that needs to get done in the course of a week.

Earlier this week I sought out the name of a few surgeons (neurosurgeon and backsurgeon) from friends and family.  My Dr. said that I'm a good candidate for surgery to fix my situation of a ruptured disc. The ruptured disc is pushing on my sciatic nerve which is causing numbness and intermittent pain in my leg. From what I've been told it is possible to have a permanent condition of partial motor function in my right leg if I don't get this fixed. The thought of someone cutting into me is scary to say the least.

So how bad can this really be? It's not like I'm dying or on the floor in excruciating pain. Unfortunately it effects me in ways that really matter. Since my weight loss I've prided myself in being able to run around with my boys and be physically active. A few days ago I decided I was going to play soccer with my 4yr old (despite the back/nerve issue) and play keep away. A short time after playing my back was really hurting me. Another example was from a few weeks ago during my Saturday morning walk. I had to run across the street as I was half way across and traffic was coming (the cross walk was broken). As I was running I could feel that my right leg wasn't moving correctly. It was like I was carrying dead weight and I couldn't feel all the muscles in my leg that I could feel in my left leg. Shortly after I reached the curb, pain started shooting down my leg - UGH!

For every downside to a situation there's always an upside. On the uspside to the back/nerve situation I can use a stationary bike. I get my heart rate up and a nice stretch in my lower back at the same time. I can start on the bike with an aching back and by the end of my exercise my back is feeling great! I'll take it!!

In terms of my wellness I have a lot to be grateful for. Grateful that I can walk. Grateful that I can kick a ball. Grateful that I can pedal a bike. Grateful for such a supportive husband. Grateful that I can give my boys a hug and watch them grow.

Even though there are a lot of upsides to my life there's a little bit of sadness or disappointment that I can't do what I've fought so hard to do. Run. I lost the 80lbs with the help of running and that was my mainstay. I ran a marathon and several half marathons (if you include the training required for the marathon). I have an informal running group that I started and organized to which I haven't been able to fully participate in for many weeks (thank you ladies for walking with me and showing up! Big HUGS!). The goals I had for this fall were to run a race with my husband for the first time on Thanksgiving Day and run a 5k with my son. None of those goals are a possibility and I'm worried there may be permanent damage to my sciatic nerve. I have an appointment this coming Tuesday with a neurosurgeon and I'm anxiously awaiting what he has to say. What am I hoping for on Tuesday? Being told that surgery will fix the pressure on the nerve and being able to run with my friends and most importantly my children will happen. I've come so far in just a few years and I don't want to fall back into my old body, my old ways, my old self.

PS Update on my Diet Bet :-)
I've lost 5.6 lbs in one week! Crazy! On Tuesday I stepped on the scale three times to make sure I was reading it correctly and the scale was working. The total amount of pounds I have left to lose for this diet bet is .8 lbs and I have about two weeks to do it. I'm going to keep going and see how much more I can lose past the .8 lbs. How did I do it? For my height and age I am to eat 1,200 to 1.350 calories a day (lots of veggies, nuts, fruit, whole grains, very little animal protein and very little if any wheat). In addition to calorie restriction I work out three - four days a week riding a stationary bike and doing some ab work.  My weigh day is Tuesday so it will be interesting to see how the scale plays out. I'm curious on what I will lose after having such a great first week. Fingers crossed!


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