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Showing posts from March 3, 2013

A New Look

It's a new look for my blog today. Time for a change I say. Hope you like the new look and thank you for taking the time to read.  I have received many nice complements in the form of people sharing their struggles with me.  So many people are struggling with weight/health and or depression. People have read this blog from all over the world: USA, China, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, Australia, Lithuania, France....  and the list goes on. I originally started this blog as a weight loss blog and as my life has changed so has some of my focus. I'm still focused on weight loss, health and wellness but now I also have depression and it's aftermath to deal with.  I'm looking forward to this being a distant memory while learning a few things along the way. Thank you for reading, sharing and being a part of my journey. Thank you.

The Bad News and The Good News

The bad news: I gained .6 lbs last week. The good news: I only gained .6 lbs last week after all the temptations I indulged in last week. In my recovery process with depression it's slow going it seems.  The feeling of "will I ever feel back to normal?".  Unfortunately my old 'normal' is part of what got me in this mess to begin with.  The all or nothing approach.  When things feel difficult it's because I am not working hard enough.  I need to be methodical and perfectionistic about my goals in order to succeed.  If however I do fail I can say I did everything I could have and I am not to blame for lack of success (but of course I always find some way to blame myself for not succeeding rather than accepting my failure).  The good side of having this type of behaviour/way of thinking is most people are successful in achievements (an 'internal locus of control').  Something I learned in my outpatient program.  The bad side of this for me however