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Diet Bet

Today marks the first official day of my diet bet . My official weigh in is a whopping 161.2lbs. Doing some basic math it shows I've officially gained 25lbs of the 80 I originally lost. The objective of the game is to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days. That figures out to be 6.44 lbs (if I did my math right). I paid $30 to participate in this game and I don't like losing (I do however love losing the extra lbs). I'm going to give it my all. As part of my weight loss regimen I've gotten back on the exercise horse. I've reintroduced my butt to the stationary bike seat and vise versa (it's been a while since they've seen each other). In terms of food today so far I have consumed 654 calories. The calories where from the following foods: Breakfast: 2 decaf coffees w stevia and half and half PB oatmeal Lunch: Salad with garbanzo beans, mixed greens, apple and balsamic vinaigrette Kashi Go Lean and Almond Milk I'll post my progress a week from t