Monday, January 6, 2014

1 mile, 15 minutes, 30lbs

Since my last post I have not stepped on the scale. Lets just say I indulged a little during the holidays and lets leave it at that. Stepping on the scale today would only put me into a state of anxiety and gloom. While my medication helps with my mental state I don't want to push the river. This time of year is generally a 'down time' for me. Not sure if it's the post holiday crash, the lack of sunlight or perhaps both?

On an up note I've just started getting into a schedule of exercising. Last week I ran 3 x at a distance of 1 mile each time (my back has been feeling fine - fingers crossed it continues to do so). This week my goal is to run 4 x at a distance of 1 mile and to increase my actual running time from 1 min 30 sec to running for 3 mins at a time. Today I started my day with a run. I ran 3 minutes, walked 1 minute for a grand total of 1 mile in 15 minutes. Lets just say I was running at a whopping 4.3 miles per hour (barely a jog). While I was running my slow pace (it didn't feel slow in effort) my mind started to think of how this feels so much harder today than say 4 months ago. I'm trying to view the extra weight in a positive light. Perhaps the 30 lbs I need to lose is just a way to really train myself (running with a 30 lb rucksack on my back- or in my case 30 lbs on my thighs - damn those holiday treats and my sugar addiction!). My endurance and pace can only increase as the lbs drop off. When I ran today I could feel the extra fat on my body jiggle and move. Some of which I'm sure my husband doesn't mind (my chest has grown). Before my back issue and weight gain my body felt like a machine. I could feel the power and endurance in my legs, glutes, abdominal muscles and my arms. Now my jeans are too tight and yoga pants are my best friend.

One thing that crosses my mind is the amount of pressure I'm putting on my knees as I run. I remember at my highest weight my knees hurt most of the time just from standing. I don't ever want to go back to that feeling again. I'm being very careful to build endurance slowly, keep proper form and stretch several times after I exercise. So far so good.

I looked for more information online about pressure on the knees and how weight gain and loss effects it.
This info came from Dr. Oz's website: 10 Reasons to Lose Just 10 (

"For each extra pound of excess weight on your body, you add 3 times that amount of pressure on your knees." "..when walking up stairs, multiply your extra weight by 7"

"As you lose weight and reduce the pressure on your joints, the cushioning between your bones will build back up. A 10 pound weight loss over 10 years may result in as much as a 50% decrease in your odds of developing osteoarthritis."

All this I'm keeping in the back of my mind when I feel like getting a sugary fatty dessert.

In addition to thinking about my knees I had a little bit of a reality check this past Saturday. I went to the Bodies Revealed Exhibit. I looked at various parts of the body like the spinal cord and the spinal column. It was neat to be able to see the body parts that were operated on a short 3 months ago (discectomy). Out of the entire experience of Bodies Revealed the best part of the exhibit was seeing what body organs look like when diseased with cancer, a stroke, or plaque in arteries. It really gave me an up close and personal view of what can happen if I don't take care of my health. Something on the forefront of my mind. Onward and upward! Recovery from surgery and weight loss! One mile and one pound at a time!

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