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Exercise and Food Journal 101

I've been trying to make the most of my time during winter break (school starts tomorrow). The focus has been getting more workout time and running without overdoing it.
A beautiful sunrise on my way to the gym! What a gift!
Recovery from surgery feels like I'm walking in waist deep mud when I'm used to running on flat pavement. I've been trying new workouts to mix things up (I tend to get bored) so I attended a new class called TRX. The class was 30 minutes long and I felt every minute of it! It was a full body workout (legs, core, upper torso and arms)! I took the class on a Thursday and my arms were sore for three days. Definitely a class I will be taking again!

As I am getting more routine in my workouts I've decided to really start tracking my calories. My goal is to consume 1,500 calories a day. With my current height and weight consuming 1,500 calories a day should allow for a loss of approximately 2 lbs a week (more depending on how much I exercise). So far it's been three days and I'm doing well. (Friday is my cheat meal and I'll be weighing in on Monday :-)

My Chicken Scratch writing! 
To keep track of my calories I've been doing it the old fashion way with pen and paper. There is something concrete about writing with a pen on paper. When it comes to an online food diary (My Fitness Pal) I feel somewhat removed or lost in the technology (I do use online apps to look up calories). When I first started losing weight I did everything in writing so I figure why not go back to what worked before? Hoping this isn't just the beginning of another failed attempt at losing weight. I'll be posting my weight on Monday to help keep me accountable.

My Exercise Physiology class starts tomorrow and I'm anxiously awaiting the start of the semester. This will be the second time I take the class only this time I'll be taking it with my mind intact of course. In addition to class I will be job shadowing a Fitness Specialist / Personal Trainer. The person I'm shadowing has her Masters in Kinesiology and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from her.

In preparation for school and job shadowing I've been trying to find some new clothes. Being 30 lbs heavier means having nothing much to wear in my closet.
Miraclesuit wasn't a miracle for me in the fitting room : /
Trying to fit my thighs into pants can be a miracle these days. Oddly enough the other day I tried on a pair of exercise pants labeled Miraclesuit. I think it's because it really would be a miracle if I could fit my thighs in them! - The pants didn't fit :/

So as a take a deep breath I will try to be relaxed about my goal of weight loss and a little less intense. The pants in my closet will fit me again someday. One lb at a time.


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