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172 lbs

Yesterday I weighed myself after skipping a weigh in the week before. I was pleased to see the number on the scale but I wasn't surprised. I had the privilege of going away for 5 days during my spring break. Thankfully my husband was able to take care of the kids while I spent time on the West Coast visiting my close friend (the one I ran the Bay to Breakers Race with a few years ago).

Not unlike what many people do on vacation I posted some pictures during my trip on my Facebook page. It's funny how there are so many perceptions based on our Facebook photos. I know I've said to myself: "they seem to have it all together!" "They look like they have the perfect life!" "look at all the activities they are doing with their friends, family and children!" "I hope I'm doing enough for my boys. Maybe what I'm doing isn't enough?" And the insecurities can come flooding in.

One of two meals I had during my trip.
This was at Suppenkuche.
A beautiful beach on Route 1. Missing my boys and husband
when I took this picture. Wished they were with me.

Finally getting out for a nice walk in the Sunshine while
feeling quite nauseous.

In thinking about what to write about for this blog post I thought why not right a little something about Facebook and our perceptions. I decided to use my trip as a perfect example of that. 
Based on the pictures you would think I was having the time of my life! Well sorta. 

Was I enjoying some time away from my responsibilities of being a mom and partaking in the day to day at home? OF COURSE! However there's always another side to every picture. 

The day before I was scheduled to leave I started to feel anxious and nauseous. I was traveling alone and even when I'm traveling with someone I get a little nauseous until I'm actually on the plane and I reach my destination.

As part of my travel bag I packed oyster crackers. I know I was going to be hungry at some point so I decided to play it safe and pack something that wouldn't upset my stomach. 

I anxiously made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The flight went well and I had a 3 1/2 hour layover in LAX. Unfortunately there were no charging stations to be found anywhere but fortunately I had plenty of battery juice left for my cell phone.

As the day went on I wasn't feeling any better so I stuck to ginger ale and oyster crackers. By the time I made it to my destination (San Francisco) I was hungry and felt like I needed to eat something substantial. My friend and I made it out to a great German restaurant named Suppenkuche. I had eaten there before during my last trip to San Francisco and the food and beer are always great! During dinner I had no problems drinking a beer and having a stuffed portobello mushroom (German style). It was really tasty! Shortly after finishing my meal my tummy started not feeling so well again. Lets just say I made it to my friends apartment just in time. I spent many hours in that bathroom including most of the following day. 

My friend had to work the following day so I drove her to work for the use of her car. Upon returning to her apartment I parked the car and spent the day not too far from the bathroom and watching movies. After several hours I left the apartment to go pick her up. I was about to get into the car and I  noticed a bright orange sticker on her drivers side window. It said that her plate was written down and the car would be towed if not removed. Thankfully I was able to peel half the sticker off. As I was peeling off the sticker I noticed a guy peaking in on me behind a gate. He then came up to me and said "Thanks a lot!! for taking my space!". I then realized I had parked in space 129 instead of space 126. I said: "I'm sorry, I'm from out of town and I just arrived yesterday. This is my friends car and I accidentally parked in the wrong space." He then walked off in a huff and waited for me to move the car so he could have his space back. 

As I got close to my friends work I rolled down the window so no one could see the sticker. I then told her what happened and had her roll up the window. I felt really bad but she took it in stride and we were able to get the rest of the sticker off - thankfully!

Eventually after a couple days with some Immodium AD I was able to live outside the bathroom and spend some time outside of the apartment. We spent time along route 1 going to Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. The whole time I was surrounded by amazing wonderful fresh food. None of which I could eat. - my definition of hell! I was nauseous the entire time and was able to finally have a meal out on my last day (a bowl of really good Ramen). My nausea is finally gone as of today.

Was my trip great! - Yes because I got to see my good friend but no because I was sick the whole time!

Nothing is always as it seems and there's always more to a picture than we think.  

Thankful to have enjoyed the California sunshine and thankful to be home with my boys.


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