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Showing posts from February 2, 2014

173 :-/ = +1.8lb

This morning the scale read 173. I'm not feeling happy about it.  While I did exercise during the week I also indulged during the supper bowl with junk in the house: Cheetos, brownie, ice cream, marshmallows, pigs in a blanket etc... My stomach revolted on the marshmallows. The marshmallows were chocolate flavored and one of the ingredients gave me abdominal pains. They didn't even taste good but I ate some because I was wanting to enjoy them.  The few days before I also indulged in some extra calories in the form of beer and a good size serving of frozen yogurt. I also had dinner out and the bread and butter at the table didn't help my date with the scale this morning.  Feeling depressed about my number this morning but I can't let it derail me. I need to keep moving forward.