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Run/Walk/Bike Stats

In February of 2010 I was pushing myself physically to just walk on the treadmill at a speed of 3.6 and now I'm running!

I started running in November of 2010 to start getting my heart rate up (walk 2 minutes, jog 1 minute). Since then it has been a personal challenge/goal of mine to run a race and run it well.  I'm finding that having a goal in mind helps keep me focused on keeping things going in the right direction.  My running today consists of walk 1 minute run 4 minutes for a set duration of time or a set distance (Jeff Galloway method).

I started road biking in September of 2011 and I love it! My long term goal is to participate in a mini triathlon.

Blarney Stone Dash                         30:38;   9:52
Easter Road Race                             29:27;   9:29
Koman Race For the Cure               31:31;  10:32 
Warrior Dash New England         1:06:03;  18:52

5.5 Mile
Salmon River Run (gravel, dirt and some pavement)    53:27;   9:53

12k (7.5 m)
Bay To Breakers       01:20:39;  10:49

Half Marathon (13.1m)
Surf Town Half  02:14; 10:15

Weekly Goal
Run 15 miles total, 5 miles per run
Bike 30 miles total, 10 miles per ride
Swim 15 minutes (1/2 nautical mile)
yoga 60 minutes per week
Kettle bells 60 minutes per week
Circuit Training 30 minutes per week

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