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What is your splurge?

Tonight is date night with Chris!  Our original plans were to go to the theater and dinner but with all the snow and ice there is fear that the roof could collapse so the performance was canceled (we were going to see the show called  Aluminum).  We are still planning on going out for dinner so tonight will be a cheat meal for me.

In general when it comes to dinning out I don't for the most part.  I find eating out to be stressful. I don't have control over how the kitchen prepares the food.  There are times when I have requested they prepare it with less fat but even then it's not great.  Either the food is swimming in oil or steamed with no seasoning to speak of and just blah!  When it comes to eating out I have to plan on it being a splurge otherwise it's too stressful.  The extra calories however I won't partake in unless it's something I know I will really love (no fast food for me).  There are times however when it's lunch time, I'm not at home and I'm out of healthy snacks so eating out has to be an option.  In a pinch I can rely on Subway, Panera Bread (a salad only) or an egg white flat bread or wrap sandwich from Dunkin Donuts for a healthy option.

Not sure what I'm going to order for dinner tonight but it will include a cocktail and dessert (I think).  I'm thinking perhaps some buffalo wings and a salad? Tomorrow morning is my Butts and Gutts class and a 4 mile run before that so I'm not going to eat too much heavy food tonight.  I want to be able to move tomorrow and not have a food hangover.  My body hates me when I overdue it on rich high fat foods and sugary foods.  I must say that's one of the curses of eating well (if you want to call it a curse - it's more like a trade off).  I love food and when I eat the things I used to eat a little over a year ago it tastes good but my body feels ill the next day. 

The way my body is today I'll splurge on a smaller jean size and increased energy at the expense of not overeating heavy, fatty, sugary food.

What is your splurge?


Update to this post: I splurged on a shot of chocolate cake, 1 microbrew, 1/2 of a really good burger, side salad, 1/2 piece of chocolate cake and some ice cream.


  1. I hear you on the lack of fast food options that are healthy (and for me, gluten free.) Today I was in Glastonbury and a friend reminded me their Boston Market has a drive thru. I had the kids and didn't want to unpack everyone in the snow so drove thru and got all white skinless chicken, steamed green beans with almonds and roasted dill potatoes. It was so yummy and healthy! I felt good feeding it to the kids too! Don't know if the one in Manchester has a drive thru but it was great in a pinch!

  2. Thank you for the tip on Boston Market!


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