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The Bathing Suit :-)

Yesterday UPS dropped off a package that contained a couple of bathing suits I ordered online (these were purchased on clearance so now is a great time to get a good price on one).  The bathing suit I purchased last winter is now many sizes too big :-) and I need a bathing suit that I could swim laps in.  I purchased two sizes: Size 10 and Size 8.  Currently I wear a size 10 in pants and my top is now a size 8/10.  I tried on the size 8 and it fit perfectly!  I can't remember when I last wore anything that small (other than my shoe size of 7).  If I remember correctly I was in elementary school when I was a size 8 (2nd or 3rd grade and it was probably a 'husky' size or the pants had to be shortened because I was so short - still am by the way :-) Now all I need is to look into getting a pair of prescription swim goggles and I'm ready to go (for my own safety and the safety of whomever I'm sharing a swim lane with - I'm blind as a bat without my glasses)! A

Today's Workout

Got a run in late this afternoon and my body was saying: "What are you thinking???? trying to exercise in the afternoon???"  My goal was: walk 1min, run 10min x 4.  I made it to 40minutes and then walked for the last four. I must say the run was a nice break after being busy with the boys, playing outside, making bread, and doing the usual cooking, cleaning, and entertaining in a controlled chaos.  Time to put my feet up!

Bread Is Done!

The texture and the taste of the bread came out really well.  The boys loved the bread.  My only problem was the amount of WW points it costs me to eat 1 slice.  If I did my math correctly (by the old WW points system) it's 4 points per slice.  I'll have to be on the lookout for a recipe that's just as easy only lower in points (calories and fat).  If you are reading this and know of a healthier recipe send it my way!  Here is a link to the bread I made today: Needless to say I'm done baking for a while between the cookies and breads I've had my fill in the kitchen.  Mental picture: 22month old on my back screaming (pitching a fit as nothing was making him happy) and me trying to measure and mix to make some bread :-) Nice.    

What's For Breakfast?

It's another official snow day :-) This morning I made Ultimate Oatmeal and used steel cut oats (a recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook ).  Oatmeal made with steel cut oats needs to cook longer and the oatmeal has a chewier texture (something I prefer).  I had a 1/2c serving for breakfast and I'm full (the boys ate it up too with a little brown sugar). Nutrition information  (before any sweeteners like honey, sugar etc...)  Per 3/4c Serving: Cal 190; Fat 6g; Saturated Fat 3g; Chol 10mg; Carb 30g; Protein 8g; Fiber 4g; Sodium 180mg (ingredients: 1%  milk, water, steel cut oats, butter, salt, cinnamon) Side note - I'm new when it comes to blogging.  Until I find more info about 'the rules' when it comes to posting recipes from ATK I will refrain from posting their recipes.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Just got back from the store and it was mobbed as we are expecting snow this evening into tomorrow (I was nearly run over at the checkout by the person behind me who bumped me a couple times with the grocery cart - thought: perhaps it was because she was wearing sunglasses???  I looked directly at her and I politely said with a smile "would it be easier for you if I got out of your way?").  I figure school will be canceled for tomorrow so what better time to try and keep my mind occupied on something (not that having two kids at home for the day in the house is boring by any means :).  I'm going to try and make two loves of whole wheat bread.  The recipe can be found on the back of a bag of  King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour .  I've never made bread before in my life so this should be interesting.  The recipe looks to be a beginners 'fool proof recipe' so we'll see how it goes.  If all goes well the bread will be great or I'll have a couple of great door

Post Workout

Today I set out to run 2 miles for 'fun' and do some weights for my upper body and some exercises for my abs.  At the gym to run 1 mile on the track I have to do 17.2 laps (I thought I was running a mile at 16 laps - arg! - I asked at the desk to confirm that 16 laps was a mile and I was corrected).  I started my workout with running as far as I could go (running a full 2 miles non stop was the goal).  I made it to 1.75 miles and then I had to walk a lap.  After the one lap walk I finished the rest of the run with actual full on running. Note: I say I ran 2miles but it's really a combo of jogging and occasional running with a tiny bit of walking.  To me the word 'ran', 'run', 'running' has much better ring to it than the word jog  :) My two miles timed at 20 mins! - yay I'm a little bit faster than a turtle! :) In all seriousness I have come a long way from a year ago.  I remember when I first started to work out and that consisted of jus

Gym today!

Well today is a delayed opening for school so my workout will happen after my son gets on the school bus.  This past Sunday I took a Butts and Gutts Class and the gutts portion kicked my butt!  Surprisingly I thought my abs would be sore the next day but my legs are sore now three days later (running for 40mins out of 44mins yesterday doesn't help I'm sure).  My workout today will consist of running 2 miles on the track (going to see how fast or should I say how slow I run it) and doing some ab and arm work. Do I dare do squats or lunges??  Not sure if that is good for my leg muscles with them being a little sore??  Looks like I'll have to add that to my list of things to research (cons if there are any) but until then I'll chance it and get a workout in anyways.

Thoughts on chocolate chip cookies......

Another snow day.... I baked some chocolate chip cookies with my 5yr old to pass some time.  I made a lower fat version from the Americas Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook ( a present I received at Christmas and I love - the recipes are fool proof and great!)  .  They tasted very yummy and I made them with white whole wheat flour . Then end result:  120 calories, 5g fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 20mg of cholesterol per cookie (Before: 290 calories, 15g fat, 10g saturated fat, and 55mg of cholesterol).  The best thing I like about this recipe is it includes all natural ingredients and there are no artificial sweeteners etc.. Thoughts on chocolate chip cookies......Bottom line I have no self control when it comes to chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven (I ate three of them today).   I have boys who I'm not going to deprive of an occasional cookie because of my 'diet'.   I bake some cookies and take the rest of the dough and put it in the freezer (thankfully I&#

To Date......

January 2010 = 225lbs December 6th, 2010 = 155lbs      I'm a believer in eating all natural foods and organic when I can.  I also try to avoid as many processed foods as possible.  I must say since starting this lifestyle change/weight loss plan I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, energy level, knees are pain free, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and my digestive system is working well :).