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Microwave Potato Chips

I can't remember the last time I ate potato chips.  I must say it has been at least a year.  I don't buy them unless I'm at the local Subway Sandwich shop and they are the baked kind (and that is only on a rare occasion - I'm not a fan of all the 'extra' ingredients). I saw this recipe online for Microwave Potato Chips at - "Where Good Food Meets Good Taste" and decided to give it a try. One word to describes these chips: Yum!  I purchased a couple russet potatoes and today I sliced and cooked up one of them (I'll be cooking the other tomorrow).  What I loved about these chips: 1. Super easy to make (if you have a food processor slicing is done in seconds). 2. Easy portion control compared to having a bag of chips sitting on the counter.  3. You can't get anything fresher and there's no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 4. They are not greasy or high in fat. 5. Much cheaper than buying a bag of chips (a

Body Parts

CAUTION: I use the F word several times in the text below.  My intention is not to offend anyone but to tell it how I see it in my mind today. This morning as I was on my way to the gym this song by Pink came on the radio and the words resonated with me "Perfect" (proceed with caution before watching - can be graphic- not for little eyes): In this process of becoming fit and healthy I feel like I'm learning about my body all over again (for the first time in my life so it seems). There are many positives I have found since losing weight when it comes to my body (many of which I will write about another time).   On occasion since I've started this journey I've really looked in the mirror.  In the beginning before I started loosing weight I didn't look in any mirrors other than to put on makeup.  I didn't like getting my picture taken as then I would have to really see my whole self and that for sure wasn't a pretty picture.  There are some pe

100th Bay To Breakers 12K

If I were writing a status on Facebook right now it would read: I am so excited I can't wait!! Brief Description of Race "Bay to Breakers 12K, celebrating its 100th consecutive running in 2011, has been named by ESPN one of the top things every sports fan must do before they die. Founded in 1912, it is one of the oldest road races in the world and is renowned for its truly unique and irreverent character. World-class athletes share this course with runners, walkers and some of the most outrageously costumed participants from around the globe." Video clip: I have never been to San Francisco but it has been on my list of places to visit.  The last time I made it out west my husband and I went on a 10 day tour of Washington State.  It was by far the coolest most beautiful place I've been to (Mount Rainer, Mount Saint Helens, The Hoh Rain Forest, The Coastline, Seattle, The Glass Museum, and lots of really su

Rocked 4 miles!

My friend Jana sent a shout out for anyone who would be interested in running with her this morning.  With me planning on running already I jumped at the opportunity.  It felt great to run the track instead of doing the usual treadmill routine at a walk for 1 minute run for 5 minutes.  The best part of it all was we stuck to the routine and I was 100% consistent for the run!  As an added bonus I actually talked during the run - for the first time ever :-).  This may sound like a small achievement but for me this is huge! - I can't believe it.  It was a little over a year ago and walking fast would get me out of breath it seemed.  I enjoyed my run with Jana and it got me out of my 'head' for that time period.  I didn't have words of doubt ringing in my ear saying can you really do this?? - instead I had the feeling that I can and will do this! A great run today! My hopes are to continue running this journey in a positive direction.  I need to keep the internal volume

Finding A Perspective

Some of you may be thinking after reading my last post: "what a whiner!".  "Think of the 70lbs you have lost Sonya!"  What I do know is that I have received allot of support from people and here are a few messages that were sent to me (hope those who sent me stuff don't mind me posting this - I didn't use any names and I won't unless I have your permission): "- trying not to be too personal but looking at the wt loss chart, I also wonder if there is a cycle involved in the loss, about every 4 weeks you seem to do a plateau - a little bloating around AF maybe??? Don't beat yourself up regardless - you are doing fabulously!" "- Hey, I know when I'm doing WW I have my weigh in day on Friday. Somehow using the extra points over the weekend and getting back on track during the week evens things out for me. At least I like what I see on the scale instead of getting pissed (I had monday as weigh in at one point and changed it). You

I am not happy right now!

I am so pissed off right now!  +1.4lbs  I am on the new WWpoints plan and I thought I am following the plan correctly (I'm super anal about my food and exercise log and I don't credit myself for the exercise I do every week - ie take into account for my calorie consumption). Perhaps using my banked points so close to weigh day is throwing things off?  Perhaps I haven't been drinking enough water?  Perhaps the 0 point fruits are sneaking up on me? - I have been eating more of them. Happy Monday!!!!


Feeling a little bit discouraged and angry with myself.  I think I have to change my workout routine.  I felt like I didn't have the energy or the will to bust out a 4 mile run today.  Was it the food I ate last night? Am I not rested because my son M was up at 4am this morning and I had gone to bed late last night?  Was it the two alcoholic drinks I had last night at dinner?  As I was doing my run 5 minute, walk 1 minute I was feeling defeated.  I hadn't gotten up early enough and out the door fast enough to give myself the proper time to run 4 miles and at mile. 2.25 I was ready to call it quits (so I did - I also had to run to my Butts and Guts Class). Tomorrow would normally be a day off but I feel like I need to get some time in with some running.  I hope to do 4 miles.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to based on how I feel now but I think I'm going to give it a try. Instructor Connie and I post workout. On the upside the good part of my workout toda

Weight Loss Hazard

I went to the grocery store before dinner to pick up a few items before the next snow storm hit.  It's funny I never know who I'm going to see at the local grocery store.  On this particular visit I happened to see my friend Anita and Sue in the store.  After I loaded up the car I hurried home to get dinner on the table so I could get the kids to bed early.  On the way home I noticed my ring finger felt different and that's when I saw my rings were gone.  In my mind I was freaking out but was able to remain calm.  As soon as I got home I looked in the car where I was sitting and looked in the back of the car where the groceries were.  No rings.  I brought in the groceries and searched all the bags.  No rings!  I called my friend Anita on her cell phone to ask that she keep a look out for them in the store.  I then calmly told Chris what had happened and we packed up the boys and headed to the store for our treasure hunt.  When we arrived at store I went inside while Chr