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Saturday Run

Saturday run......... Thank you! Anita, Chrissy, Sue, Jana, Erin, Gwen, Carissa - Chantel missing from pic :-( I had a great run today! It was colder than I would have liked and a little bit windy but I warmed up after the first mile.  I had two routes for people to choose.  One was 3.65 and the other 4.12. Earilier this week on Wednesday I ran  3.5 miles outside and my calves were still feeling sore today from that run so I opted for the shorter run.  There is a huge difference I've found when running on a flat track vs. a treadmill vs. running outside (my calves feel a difference).  I may do the elliptical next week at the gym or just walk to give my calves a rest.  I'll have to see how I feel. My goal is to run my first 5K a week from today. Keep moving no matter what and listen to your body! . 

Mini Blizzards

Genius This Mini PB cup Blizzard is worth 10 Weight Watchers points plus vs a Small PB cup Blizzard which is worth 16 Weight Watchers points plus. Mini blizzards are great when you want something sweet on occasion but don't want to kill yourself with tons of calories (there are still more calories in a mini blizzard compared to a cup of carrot sticks however).  This PB cup Mini Blizzard was perfect size and hit the spot. Here is the download on 'nutrition' for the Mini PB cup Blizzard ( ): Mini PB Cup Blizzard


I made this chicken last night on the grill and my family loved it! Good healthy food should have lots of flavor. Grilled Chicken Drumsticks 8 - 12 chicken drumsticks with skin removed and pricked with fork (use paper towels and it will make the process easy). Cayenne pepper Cider vinegar Bell's Seasoning Salt Pepper 2 Gallon size Ziploc bags I divided the chicken up into the two Ziploc bags as my kids don't like super spicy food. In one bag I added 1c of vinegar and 2 tsp of cayenne pepper (you can do this a day ahead of time to let it marinate or let it marinate for 30minutes before cooking) In the other bag I sprinkled Bell's seasoning on the chicken with some salt and pepper. Set gas grill to a temperature of 350.  Place chicken on grill, close lid and grill for 20minutes.  After 20minutes turn chicken over and cook for another 20minutes.  Serve with a salad, brown rice and enjoy!

What is being overweight really all about?

I was reading a post on another  blog  and it brought me to think about what is being overweight really all about?  Being overweight/obese is about so much more than having some extra pounds.  The extra pounds are a symptom of something else.  That 'something else' varies from person to person.  The extra pounds can be a sign that a person uses food as a coping strategy for dealing with emotions or stress.  The extra pounds could also be a sign that a person is not making healthy food choices or there could be a thyroid problem or a sign that we aren't putting ourselves on the 'list'.  What ever the reason it's tough being overweight.  It's tough on your joints and your body in general ( my knees ached before I lost the weight ).  For me the weight was a symptom of not being on the 'list' and I was using food as a coping strategy for dealing with emotions and conflict (in addition to making poor food choices - aka comfort food). I've found that

Spinach Salad

Today I was feeling bored about eating lunch.  I didn't want the same old boring staple of what I make for my kids.  I will usually eat pbj, tuna, tortilla chips w cheese etc...  I remember at my last Weight Watchers meeting there was conversation about not changing up what you eat and how boredom can be the track that derails your healthy eating.  I thought about what I could eat that was different so I took a look in the fridge and took out: Spinach Balsamic Vinegar low fat feta cheese 1 clementine rye bread cheese wedge (Parmesan peppercorn) I spread the cheese wedge on the rye bread and had that with the spinach salad I made. The salad I made was a version of a spinach salad I had years ago. Sonya's Spinach Salad Wash spinach, break it into pieces and place in bowl. Peel clementine (they are really good this time of year but you can use any fruit) and cut segments in half and place on top of spinach. Take 1/4 c of feta and place in bowl with spinach and cle

+ - 0lbs

Not sure what happened over the weekend.  I stayed within my points range however I did eat the bulk of my points over the weekend so that's why I didn't lose any weight?  I did a preliminary weigh in on Friday and the scale showed a -1lb.  Oh well.  I'm not going to stress about it.  Tomorrow night is my WW meeting.  I'll see how things are on their scale. Today I tried a new recipe that is very easy and yum! If you like pumpkin pie give this one a try: Three Minute Mircrowave Pumpkin Pie

Butts, Guts and Clothes Shopping :-)

This morning I felt a little sore from yesterdays hilly run.  I did a run for four days in a row and my body/legs are feeling it (yesterday was my long run at 5.27miles).  Even though I was/am sore I was able to get to my Butts and Guts Class this morning.  The hardest part of the class for me is the ab portion.  I'm never able to do all of the ab exercises... that is until today.  My abs felt like they were on fire but I was able to push through it and I didn't have to modify the ab exercises.  I'm getting stronger! I must say I did have an embarrassing moment in class today.  I was running late and was in a rush to get to an empty spot in the section of the gym the class is held.  I had the mat, weights and my water bottle in hand (my water bottle holds 24oz BTW as I drink allot of water when I workout).  As I was running to my spot I dropped my water bottle and out pours the water!  I then drop everything and run in and out of the gym a few times to get paper towels to