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Eating Out....

Sitting this morning with a cup of coffee as I type this.......Tonight I'm meeting up with an old childhood friend.  It will be nice to get together and chat about what is going on in each others lives (outside of what we share in our facebook posts).  W- and I grew up in the same neighborhood and lived four houses away from each other.  My brothers and I spent many summer days hanging out at their house and playing kickball outside.  We are meeting at a restaurant tonight and I'm a little bit concerned about staying within my portions and my ww points (I'm going to cut my portions in half before I start eating as a strategy). In addition to the dinner tonight it's a weekend at the beach with my son K for some one on one time and some fun with cousins then it's father's day with a BBQ dinner to die for (I'm saving my extra points for the BBQ).  I'm planing on eating well/healthy on my trip  to the beach by bringing lots of fruit and some pb2 with 1pt f

Playlist for Running/Workout

If you are looking for some new music suggestions here is what I currently listen to (not a fan of all the videos that are linked but I do love running/working out to this music)....... Rolling In the Deep Rhythm of Love Dog Days Are Over I Love Rock 'N Roll What the Hell Hit Me With Your Best Shot Jessie's Girl Sympathy for the Devil Lose Yourself Beautiful Day I Gotta Feeling Raise Your Glass Goody Two Shoes Girlfriend Black Horse & the Cherry Tree Walking On Sunshine Dynamite Johnny B. Goode Hey Ya! Rock This Town Good Vibrations PS - When I'm running outside I have my music on a very low volume so I can hear everything around me.  My music is the background sound to the birds and any cars near by.  Be safe!