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Garbage In = Garbage Out

For those who are reading this and plan on making a trip to the North East there's a great place for pizza in New Haven, CT  called Pepe's.  In my opinion it's the best pizza on earth.  Outside of Pepe's I go to Wooster Street Pizza (there's one practically in my back yard).  The pizza is a thin crust with a great sauce and just the right amount of cheese. I don't get pizza very often because who can eat just one slice but when I do I usually make it count :-).  Only last night I guess you could say I made up for lost time :-) I ate pizza last night like it was Thanksgiving and it tasted oh so good.  I normally eat pizza with a salad but I was  tired and lazy and just wanted to sit down and eat without making a salad so I did........6 pieces later!!! :-O  And those were some big slices.  That for me is a personal record - not one to be proud mind you.  I have never eaten that much pizza in my life! Fast forward to this morning........ My stomach felt heavy.


I could have very easily put these tasty treats in my cart while shopping last night and eaten the majority of the box in the car. (I was hungry and didn't have any dinner yet- Ironically I was shopping after my Weight Watchers meeting). But I chose to walk away.  :-) I actually tried tweeting this from the store but something wasn't working right with the phone? I figured if I sent out a message I would have to stick to my word :-) These were calling my name as I was walking past the display :-) Having chocolate on the mind ( and after receiving my coconut butter via amazon ) this morning I made something sinful , healthy and very satisfying ! Chocolate Fudge Cake! It was soooo rich I could only eat half a serving (5 ww points plus for half a serving). The recipe can be found online at Katie in case your reading this just an fyi - you're my new favorite super hero! Link to recipe:

Note to self :-)

Note to self.. Rethink the strategy of taking a butt kicker of an exercise class before folding 5 loads of laundry. Arms are killing me!

Houston We Have A Problem

My objective in writing this blog is to share my experiences with others about my path to weight loss, health and wellness.  But there is just one thing that irks me (ok this is just one of the things that irks me :-) and I find it important to share.  I may upset a few people along the way but I can't sit here and remain silent........ The other day we received a bill from my sons school saying we owed money?  To me this didn't make sense as my son takes his lunch to school except for twice a month when we let him buy hot lunch for a 'treat' (and we give him money on that day to pay for hot lunch).  My husband and I aren't a fan of the food being served in the cafeteria (insert highly processed artificially flavored, colored food full of preservatives here: chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, hot dogs etc..). Background:  I have written a few letters to the Board of Education and attended a board of education meeting to present my unhappiness of what is being served