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Showing posts from December 4, 2011

Love Your Body

The meaning of  'to love your body' means different things to different people.  For me 'to love your body' can have many different meanings. I decided to make some lifetime changes because I didn't like my body not only in appearance but for how I felt physically (insert aching knees and joints).   Here are a few things I've discovered about what it means for me to love my body (still a work in progress). 1. Accepting who I am on a physical level without trying to meet society standards of what a body should look like. 2. Being disciplined to treat my body with respect by feeding it and giving it the nutrients it needs through proper nutrition and healthy whole foods.  "Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food" ~ Hippocrates 3. Work on obstacles (food or otherwise) that stand in my way.  Sometimes the only way out is through. 4. Trusting that my body is capable of more than I sometimes believe. 5. Never stop fighting and n

Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Bikini

This quick post may be a little bit TMI for some people but I just have to share (and no I will not be posting a pic of my underwear :-). I just got back from the store and right now I can't believe I'm about to write this but I purchased for the first time in my life bikini underwear.  Way back in time before my weight loss it was full on briefs, then hipsters and now I can wear bikini bottoms and they fit and feel great!  Amazing!!!  I highly recommend Jockey for women .  So comfortable, stylish and well made.  Oh the joy of shopping when things fit!

The Revamped Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012

Weight Watchers has tweaked/redone their Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  This time last year is when they introduced the Points Plus Program (in addition to a few website enhancements). If your not familiar with Weight Watchers the program works like this: 1. Each individual (according to current height/weight/sex) is given a daily Points Plus Value to eat in a day.  My daily points plus value is now 26 (it used to be 29).  I can earn extra points through exercise to use as I wish during the week in addition to that I have 49 points in a week to use as I wish (same as before). 2. All foods are assigned a Points Plus Value.  The foods that have a zero Points Plus Value are all fruits and vegetables excluding: Peas, Avocados, fruit canned in syrup, dried fruit (and a few others foods that have slipped my mind at the moment).  3. Foods are assigned a Points Plus Value based on carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein. [The old plan that  I used before the Points Plus Program