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Accountability +5.2lb - Really???

Not sure what happened? Consumed a daily of 26 points (through mostly running in addition to weighs- I push myself when I workout as my legs are still sore ). Earned and consumed 34 activity points.  Used 26 of my weeklies. Is my home scale broken? I did eat a late dinner and consumed allot of points yesterday.  Ate a few more pieces of fruit than usual.  Does that matter? Have I retained a ton of water?? I did drink a million cups of tea yesterday (unsweetend and used cough drops) as I have a sore throat/cold. According to my nutrition class it's all about having a calorie deficit.  If your body burns more calories than the amount of calories consumed you will have a deficit and you will lose weight.  Perhaps I should try counting calories?  One more thing to make time for??? (I'll think on it) I'll see what happens on the scale tomorrow night at my meeting and next week.  Perhaps I'll try not using my weeklies this coming week? Anyone out there with thoughts?