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Lovely, Lively Java

Today (Monday March 11th) I made the hardest phone call ever.  I had to schedule an appointment to have our beloved Java euthanized today. All of this started late Thursday afternoon.  She was limping and lifting her right rear leg.  We initially thought it might be a sprain so we gave her an aspirin and decided to call the vet early the next morning. At 2 am we awoke to her whimpering as she was trying to stand so my husband picked her up and brought her outside to do her 'business'.  There were 6 inches of snow on the ground at that time and the snow was still falling. I watched from the window as she hopped around on three legs to find her 'spot'.  She eventually 'hopped' out of sight so I waited by the door for her.  I waited 10 minutes and didn't see her return so I started to worry.  Our property is thickly wooded with forest behind our home and it was anyone's guess as to where she was.  I put on my boots and coat and headed outside to find h