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Vacation Weight Gain and Strategy

A little update since my last post......... Currently taking a few courses: Sports Nutrition, Principle of Coaching, ACSM exam prep course, Adventure Based Dynamics. Now I'm Red Cross certified for CPR AED.  This past winter I purchased a Verilux "Happy Light". It made such a huge difference! This winter in New England was very long. I hadn't seen this much snow in a long time and the grey days don't exactly lift a persons mood. 20 minutes every morning and it lifted my spirits!  Ran my first 5k in ?1?1? Two years?? My slowest one yet but I'm able to run! I have a new running partner named Bo :-) He's a rescue from Arkansas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now back to the topic of 'vacation weight gain'. It happens to just about everyone who goes on vacation. My vacation was a cruise with my family. As many know there is an overabundance of food on a ship. Yo