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Depression - Round Two

What I'm about to share with you I find to be very personal but I want to share this with you to give you a peak of what it can be like for someone with depression and suicidal thoughts. Keep in mind that every individual with depression has a different story so what I experienced doesn't mean everyone with depression has the same experience or symptoms. There can be people who have milder forms of depression and potentially have no anxiety symptoms at all. Writing about my experience helps me in getting better and hopefully fights the stigma of not talking about it.  Please note when I started writing this post I wasn't feeling well. I stopped writing and came back to this post about 3 weeks later. I'm feeling much better now and I'm getting stronger. Depression is biological, psychological and sociological. The best course for treatment is medication and therapy. I've been wanting to write for a while now and as I write this I am not feeling well. I have

(A Non Traditional) Graduate!

I'm sitting in my living room as I write this on Memorial Day (it's raining outside), while my husband puts away the last of our folding chairs. We celebrated my graduation yesterday with my siblings, niece, nephew and parents. The last time I sat and wrote something (outside of a college paper) was May of 2015. Since then I've had little snippets of time to share tweets or post recipes on Pinterest . A lot has happened since May of 2015. We just about gave up hope of finding a puppy and after our first rescue experience swore off of getting another rescue. Since then we went to looking for a purebred puppy (insert a couple thousand dollars here!) and then discovered we could actually rescue a puppy! We found a dog named James Bone who was being fostered in Road Island and originally came from South Carolina. The second we met him we knew he was a match! He is an amazing dog and I wouldn't trade him for the world! He's so loving and loves people and other dogs.